Silver Rings with the World’s Iconic Skylines of Famous Cityscapes

Goldsmith Ola Shekhtman creates delicate pieces of jewelry inspired by the world’s most beloved cityscapes. Every few years, the artist moves to a different metropolis and allows her surroundings to seep into her creative ideas. She melts, rolls, saws, solders, and polishes metal by hand to form rings that reflect the architectural beauty of the world, highlighting iconic skylines recognized by just about everyone. The recognizable details that go into each of Shekhtman’s designs are arguably the most appealing aspect of her craft, since it allows customers to carry popular landmarks from beloved cities – including London, Paris, and New York – with them all day. So far, other locales in her collection include Berlin, Washington D.C., Charleston, Boston, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Edinburgh. A growing selection of these cityscape rings are currently available to purchase through Shekhtman’s Etsy store.

Allard Schager’s Stunning Landscapes

This weekend we want to amaze you with stunning landscapes of talented photographer. Allard Schager is an all-round freelance photographer, based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. He is specialized in urban, landscape, architecture and interior photography. On the following collection you will see beautiful landscapes and cityscapes of various places from all around the world. In a few minutes you will see Italy and Belgium, Brugge and San Francisco! And you will enjoy this journey! Have fun!