Stunning Concrete Espresso Machine AnZa

When it comes to kitchen apparatus and the materials used in its construction, concrete isn’t one that you’d typically think of but the AnZa Coffee Machine bucks this trend and does so in considerable style. The AnZa Coffee Machine looks like something lifted from the set of the Flintstones and is crafted in Berkley, California, and is a fully operational coffee maker that will add a considerable level of visual appeal to any kitchen that you choose to deploy it. With concrete, quartz and porcelain the key materials used in its construction, it is a rugged looking construct. Coffee machines are inherently cool for the most part but, it’s fair to say, you’re unlikely to come across many more unusual and devilishly stylish than the brilliant looking AnZa Coffee Machine. For anyone looking to really enhance their coffee making credentials and on the lookout for one of the coolest contraptions imaginable, you really need look no further.

Aviatore Veloce Turbojet 100 Coffee Maker

Superveloce manufacturers limited edition pieces of art inspired by aviation and automotive designs that just so happen to whip up one hell of a cup of joe. The 62lb Aviatore Veloce Turbojet 100 Coffee Maker fits that bill perfectly with a collection of aviation grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel and aluminum bronze. The high-pressure brewing system creates a single cup of coffee or tea from grinds or leaves that are inserted into the washable metal basket prior to brewing. It’s quite a big setup for a single cup of coffee, but how many people make coffee with something that looks like a jet engine?

Elegant Cold-Drip Coffee Maker EIFFEL

If you love both coffee and architecture, then Dutch Lab’s Eiffel 2000mL cold-drip coffee maker is a perfect solution for you. Its French-inspired beauty provides a way to hold the coffee-making mechanisms such as the tubes and drip valves. The combination of its black, full-aluminum body with brass plating and glass makes for an elegant statement piece in any room. Designers of the Eiffel 2000mL are not only concerned about its aesthetics, but they want it to make the best cup of coffee possible. So, they use a method called “cold-drip,” which doesn’t need any electricity or hot water to run. Three flasks align vertically and the force of gravity allows water to run through them. Water starts at the top and gradually filters down into a lower flask that contains specially-ground Dutch Coffee. As the liquid and grounds combine, they culminate in the lower glass orb. Dutch Lab recommends that you start the entire process at night so that your coffee is waiting for you the next morning. In addition to the 2000mL system, Dutch Lab sells other (smaller) versions of the Eiffel, including 500mL and 1000mL coffee makers.

Piamo – The World’s Smallest Coffee Machine

Piamo perhaps is the world’s smallest coffee machine! The tiny coffee maker creates a fresh cup of delicious espresso within 30 seconds. All you need to do is fill the chamber with water, put in an espresso pad or grounds, screw it onto the attached cup, and microwave-it! Voilá, a tasty and ready to drink espresso. A great alternative for the office, at home or for traveling. Project realization is done by gemodo coffee GmbH, a young company having the goal to create new modern alternatives for preparing hot beverages. Products for daily use being progressive, practical and personal. The driving force behind piamo and gemodo coffee is Christoph Meyl. He loves to turn crazy ideas into new alternatives and innovative products.

Creative Coffee Machine Concept

We’ve already shown you a few intersting coffee machines but this concept is really unusual. Called Black Luk and created by designer Song Ah Lee it’s a wall mounted coffee machine that dispenses a cuppa java at a time. This concept is quite a radical and differs from all coffee machines that you have probably seen. Take a look!

Creative Coffee Machine P-Cup

You should remember collection of coffee machines from famous auto brands that we’ve shown you some time ago. In that post you could see many variations of coffee makers but nothing similar to the one that we will show you today. The following coffee machine called P-Cup was designed by Seung Jun Jeong. It’s compact, stylish and it has everything you might need for the portion of coffee. Even paper cups. Why did designer called it P-Cup? Paper cup dispenser + Coffee Maker = P-Cup!