Altar Great Tape Coffee Tables

Let us show you glorious looking Altar Great Tape Coffee Tables. Available in a number of different iconic cassette tapes, these super cool Great Tape Coffee Tables from Altar are crafted from MDF and they are then hand painted using top quality auto grade paints for the spectacular finish! “There was a time when a friend’s mix tape, a sonic love letter from a crush, or a cassette played endlessly in your parent’s car could forever change you. Pause, rewind, and let that happen again with our tables. The ‘Great Tape’ collection of tables is a line of 1:10 scale copies of compact music cassettes functioning as furniture. With conversion kits available, the purpose of the same cassette is variable between coffee table, dining table and desk.These items have been designed and built by hand to bring back that exciting and nostalgic feeling of discovering music. Our designs are being inspired by many things related to tapes: Legendary demos, classic albums, bastardly bootlegs, mixes (comps) making a statement and also more contemporary influences for those looking for something really special.”

Rocket Coffee Table by Mousarri

Supremely talented furniture designer Mousarris has created visually astounding . This glorious looking piece of furniture design is no ordinary offering and, as you can see, it has a level of visual impact which is pretty much unparalleled. If you like your furniture fun and quirky, the Rocket Coffee Table from Mousarris will fit the bill rather nicely. The design is visually playful bringing cartoon-like clouds and aerial rockets from a personal toy collection to life, in the form of a table. Combining various techniques from lathe to 3d printing, resin casting and traditional hand curved pieces, this table is fashioned to draw a smile on the face of nostalgic adults, children, and children trapped in adult bodies. The rockets are not attached to the glass giving the opportunity to each owner to form their own desired structure of the table.

Cyprus Artist Bends Reality With ‘Wave City’ Coffee Table

The 2010 film Inception brought viewers into a world where dreams could be manipulated, controlled and coordinated by the dreamer. This scenario allowed characters to build entire cities using their minds, ones which could defy the laws of both gravity and reason. Informed by the hit movie, Cyprus based designer Stelios Mousarris has realized the “Wave City” coffee table that bends a landscape of buildings in half, using the overlapping surface as the tabletop. made from wood, steel and 3D printing technology, the piece illustrates an urban sidewalk scattered with skyscrapers that seemingly lifts into the air and finally folds back onto itself in a single, continuous curve. A series of meticulously carved buildings add a sense of realism to the otherwise surreal design object, which carefully balances on the lower section of the street.

Playful UP Balloon Coffee Table

This uplifting design was conjured up by Christopher Duffy of Duffy London, working with the concept of levitation and buoyancy. The UP Balloon Table is a playful trompe l’oeil, giving the impression of a glass table top being suspended by either red, gold and silver balloons. This delightful table is constructed using toughened glass, metal resin composite, and toughened steel rods. Despite having the word “toughened” in the material description, this piece conveys a feeling of weightlessness. It’s a testament to Duffy, not only as a designer, but as someone who can create wondrous, everyday illusions. The 2015 edition of the Up Balloon Coffee Table is limited to the production of 25. Prices start at around $8,300 US dollars for this unique piece of furniture.

Wood Tables Embedded with Glass Rivers by Greg Klassen

Furniture maker Greg Klassen has designed unique collection of dining and coffee table. Each table features hand-cut glass pieces running through the center of the wood construction. Each piece of wood was used from discarded trees from construction sites, and dying trees that were just beginning to rot. The intricate glass process was designed to look like just like a body of water flowing through the middle of the table, and the pattern mimics the jagged shores of both lakes and rivers. Klassen says that his inspiration came from the beautiful surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. These works of art can be purchased in several different shapes and sizes, directly from the designer’s website.

Flying Carpet Coffee Table

This is the Flying Carpet Coffee Table from Duffy London. It costs £1,495 (~$2,460, spit-takes blood) and has a base that looks like the carpet’s shadow to give it that hovering appearance. This digitally-printed table just appears to float, thanks to its faux shadow base. “Let you imagination transport you to a magical place with the Flying Carpet Coffee Table, printed with a pixelated Persian rug design in a variety of colours. 1001 nights will just fly by.”

Branching Table by gradient matter

gradient matter is a small design and ideas-driven practice based in San Francisco, California and led by Andrei Hakhovich. One of their great designs is a Branching Table. “While I has developing the Branching table I thought about the relationships of one person to another as they will sit across each other, tension, attraction, repulsion, connection. I wanted to reveal it all, I had a desire to map the unseen. Part of table geometry was inspired by growing forces in trees and traditional Japanese joinery. Made from local wal­nut and plyboo veneer with plexiglass inserts. Two materials were joined with wood lap joints without use of hardware.” If you like this table – you can always buy it here.

Transparent Slot Table by Eric Pfeiffer

By the first glance it’s just a modern coffee table but it’s not so simple. Inspired by the clean, square design of classic M Series boxes, this versatile acrylic side table is as functional as it is beautiful. Its transparency gives the Slot Table an unexpected lightness, while the reflective nature of the acrylic brightens a room without overpowering it. But it’s the “slot” part of the table that sets this piece apart, providing a functional space to keep reading material close at hand or to showcase your most important literature. The table can be used with the slot facing up, or turned on its side for horizontal storage.

Pebble Table by Mikhail Belyaev

Take a look at this sleek and creative coffee table designed by young multidisciplinary designer Mikhail Belyaev, based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Mikhail has designed the Pebble Table for Karat and Samsung Staron, for St.Petersburg Design Week 2013. Do you want to have such excellent example of interior design in your living room?

Modern Coffee Table by Brigada

Croatia-based designers Brigada have created a coffee table that has a variety of spaces available for storing magazines, newspapers and books. “A coffee table is usually a place for temporary storage mostly of newspapers, magazines, books and papers, ending up as a real storage space and a small time capsule of different publications. Having that in mind, Brigada started designing a coffee table that would accomplish the same function in a more efficient way.” Have fun!

Toroid Table by OL! Os Loucos

Brazilian architect Luciano da Silveira Araujo and industrial designer Marcelo Alves, partners and directors of OL! Os Loucos created really interesting Toroid table. “The Toroid table plays with the concept of symmetry and asymmetry, its shape creates illusions of perspective and a new design every move is viewed. Its original and registered form is obtained through mathematical logic, classical geometry and parametric modeling, and a little production secret.” Take a look!

Asian-Inspired Furniture Collection “Fiore”

The following Asian-inspired furniture collection from B-alance is called Fiore and consists of modular set of sofas, coffee tables and footstools. The elegantly curved pieces call to mind the balance of yin and yang. Their curves allow to perfectly snuggle up to one another, creating all kinds of creative configurations. And dark rattan frames and plush white cushions would bring style and sophistication to any patio or deck. Take a look!

Coffee Table Remembrance by Micth Steinmetz

The coffee table is the center of any living room: a place for conversation, gathering, and storage. The photo album preserves memories, giving life to past events and emotions. Coffee table called Remembrance and created by Micth Steinmetz combines the social interaction of family gatherings with the nostalgia and enjoyment of remembering the past. Instead of acting as a liaison between the user and their entertainment, Remembrance becomes the source of entertainment. It creates new memories while simultaneously cataloguing and cherishing old ones.

Exclusive Asian Inspired Furniture

It’s not a secret that lately all Asian is in high demand and attention of many people. In this post we’ll show you a stylish, high-quality Korean, Chinese and Japanese furniture, which undoubtedly will be interested to fans of Asia as well as just lovers of beautiful and stylish stuff. In contrast to the extraordinary and creative furniture the beauty of Asian furniture lies in its simplicity and practicality. And of course it has its own, very special charm.