Futuristic Concept Bikes by Barbara Custom Motorcycles

Created by Barbara Custom Motorcycles, this series of bike concepts depicts the future for bike brands Husqvarna, Triumph, Yamaha and BMW. The France-based design preparation shop is directed by the enigmatic ‘Barbara’, and has created no less than one forty captivating renderings in the past, all of which exhibit a unique and authentic interpretation of each brand. Barbara Custom Motorcycle’s otherworldly renderings blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality: while each of these bikes lend themselves to different landscapes, all of their individual styles certainly carry a sci-fi influence.

New BMW Motorcycle Concept by Mehmet Erdem

Designer Mehmet Erdem always creates mindblowing conceptsmand we’ve already shown you some of his concepts – BMW Radical Concept and BMW Apollo Streamliner Motorcycle Concept. For his new BMW motorcycle concept, he imagined the future of BMW’s R1100, which is a sports motorcycle that was made in the ’90s. What you see before you clearly doesn’t look like it was from the ’90s, unless you’re talking the 2090s. The build looks a little like something that would come out of Wayne Enterprises, with its mostly black body, large rear wheel, and intimidating exhaust. As with most of the stuff Erdem dreams up, we wish we could see this thing on the road.

The Most Futuristic Track Bike – From a Concept To Reality

Titled after the Portuguese word for feather, the “PLUMA” track bike lives up to its namesake with a lightweight body and elegant shape. Designed by Nuno Teixeira Industrial Design, the “PLUMA” concept was dreamt up back in 2010, and after one year in production the first prototype is ready to hit the track. With a carbon sandwich and AIREX R63.80 PCV foam frame, the Pluma Bike sports a curvy physique to help air flow along the bike’s body. The streamlined bicycle aims to be feather soft as well as feather light, reducing the number of exposed moving parts and tubes to prevent injurty to the rider in case of a fall. With a PRO track carbon disk rear wheel to mimimize drag, and a PRO 5 spoke carbon track wheel at the front, the curvy ride carries no unnecessary weight. Like the majority of professional velodrome track bikes, PLUMA is a fixed-gear model, and comes without breaks. Nuno Teixeira Industrial Design’s elegant bicycle has been taken from render to reality by Constellation Composite, specialists in turning concept transport designs into working physical pieces.

Stunning ‘K75 Alpha’ – From a Concept To Reality

Mehmet Doruk Erdem is a designer who enjoys fusing fantasy with reality, as he demonstrates frequently with his collection of futuristic vehicle concepts. Based in Istanbul, he continues to blur the boundaries between vehicle brands. Now, one of his designs, the ‘K75 Typhoon’, has been brought to life by motorcycle expert Mark Atkinson. With a background in the Bonneville Salt Flats Racing and as a machinist, Atkinson saw a streamliner motorcycle design as completely normal. When he first viewed Erdem’s concept, he was struck instantly and craved trying to bring it to life. Luckily, Mehmet obliged and they saw the ‘K75 Alpha’ the same way: mixing a traditional classic style with go-fast streamliner lines. Based upon the classic BMW ‘K75 Triple’, the ‘Alpha’ features an elegant rolling chassis with hand-made bodywork that truly mimics Erdem’s other-worldly concept. The sculpural front fairing is shaped by Mark Atkinson in a neo-retro style, an emerging influence in the designers portfolio. With his background as a machinist, Makr fabricated most of the ‘K5 Alpha’s’ components from scratch. It also features a bespoke chassis, center hub pivot, hand-machined aluminum linkage, plus a bellcrank-actuated steering system.

The Beast – Futuristic Hover-Air-Bike From Star Wars

Dubbed “The Beast”, this futuristic single-pilot concept vehicle depicts what the future of personal air vehicles might hold. Berlin-based designer, Rico Kersten, has created no-less than sixteen sci-fi influenced product renderings in the past, most of which could seamlessly slip into the setting of the latest Star Wars feature film, or the futuristic anti-gravity racing game, wipeout. Rico Kersten describes “The Beast” single-pilot vehicle as a “radial fan driven hover-air-bike”, fusing the form of the contemporary motorcycle with the fictitious flying-hovercraft. His collection of captivating renderings served as an entry for the allegorithmic ontest “A Road Trip In 2116 ” judged by a panel of industry professionals including Charlotte Francis, technical artist at Naughty Dog Ruairí Robinson, film director (The Leviathan); and allegorithmic’s founding-member and CEO, Sebastien Deguy. Rico’s renderings can serve to inspire manufacturer’s designers to take greater risks, to design truly dramatic and mesmerizing modes of transportation.

Electric Cafe Racer Concept by Michael Cohen

Inspired and motivated by what would be possible by combining an electric power plant and a cafe racer, Michael Cohen created this Electric Cafe Racer Concept. The industrial designer, illustrator and digital artist out of Hillsboro, OR, made quite a few interesting choices when it came to designing a bike from the ground up. Between the multi-LED headlights, the studded, wire spoke wheels and tires, and the translucent covering of the frame and components, this bike feels like a cafe racer created equally from the worlds of Tron and Mad Max . At this point the bike is nothing more than a series of cool design ideas, but hope that some day it’ll be a reality.

Huge Moto Mono Racr Motorcycle

Based around a 1,000cc Honda inline four-cylinder engine, this Huge Moto Mono Racr Motorcycle was created from the inside out with an eye towards purposeful design. As a result, it lacks the loud graphics and unnecessarily harsh angles of some of its contemporaries, instead opting for an aero-driven, sleek shape. The mainframe and swing arm are made from a single piece of carbon fiber, reducing the weight and improving performance. Although it’s still just a concept, the company is actively exploring fabrication options. And don’t forget to check TOP 10 World’s Fastest Motorcycles.

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Concept Motorcycle

Aside from the fact it has an engine and two wheels in a triangular shape, there’s nothing traditional about the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Concept Motorcycle. Designed as a bike that could, maybe, potentially be produced as an actual production bike in a few decades, this concept is insane. It balances itself. The flexframe itself changes shape when steering rather than having moving joints. It’s powered by an emissionless drive “engine” that changes shape while driving. It’s supposedly so safe won’t need to wear anything other than a futuristic, connected visor that serves as a combination of HUD and gauges. This futuristic concept could easily make its way into a big budget science fiction film, but for now it’s going to have to live on the page and in concept videos.

DIGIMOTO – Motorcycle Designed In Virtual Reality

Take a look what industrial designer Christian Zanzotti along with GRAYDEV and Wunderlich just built with some VR assistance. The Digimoto started life as a BMW R1200R. Then, after completely dismantling it, Zanzotti donned a VR headset and designed individual parts. After fabricating those parts, the team built a totally unique ride. Not only does it look like it’s from the future, it boasts features that feel like they are, too. Onboard sensors track data and display it directly on the rider’s visor. The cooling elements of the headlight were 3D printed. Everything is streamlined. Unfortunately it’s not for sale, unless, as Zanzotti states on the site, you impress them with an offer. Don’t forget to check our list of the fastest bikes of the world.

Grasshopper Concept Bike

Let us show you interesting concept bike called Grasshopper and designed by Kentaro Nozue. It looks unusual and fresh. The Grasshopper conceptual bike explores a hollow chassis design in a world where everyone wants hub less wheels. It has a circular body design with a hole running right through. The Grasshopper uses this negative space for storage, rather than for artistic expression. The bike’s design hints at an electric drive.

Speed Triple Rocket by Tamás Jakus

Inspired by the legendary Triumph Rocket, the brand’s 400 MPH endeavor to break the current land-speed record, the Speed Triple Rocket by Tamás Jakus applies the same aerodynamics, material innovation and high engine performance. The expansion to the Speed Triple line features a removable Carbon Kevlar monocoque front fairing as well as carbon fiber tank, seat, mirror and light accents. Enhanced tuning of the 1050 engine with greater lightness make it the perfect Triple for tackling the salt flats!

Tesla Model M Motorcycle

Tesla’s four-wheeled offerings have been a huge hit among automotive enthusiasts, so we can only imagine just how nuts fans will go if/when the brand ever reveals a 2-wheeled electric vehicle. Independent designer Jans Slapins shows us what he thinks Elon Musk and company could cook up with this Tesla Model M motorcycle concept. The London-based designer has done a stellar job with the concept bike, keeping the design aesthetics in line with what we’ve become accustomed to from the California EV producer. The bike is powered by a 204 PS (150kW) electric motor that allows the rider to choose from four different computer controlled modes including Race, Cruise, Standard and Eco. The electric motor is powered by lithium-ion batteries that are installed low on the bike’s frame. The motorcycle features no transmission, offers up a trunk storage space where the fuel tank would normally be (perfect for holding a full face helmet), lightweight carbon fiber wheels, and a mono shock out back along with upside down forks up front for suspension. And if you want to see real motorcycles you should check 10 World’s Fastest Motorcycles.

Koenigsegg Motorcycle Concept by Burov Art

Russian designer Burov Art come up with this dazzling concept for Koenigsegg-branded bike. This totally unique look is achieved through a series of styling choices, including an ultra-short tail, almost fully enclosed fairings, some small rear dual exhausts, old school dual rear shocks, and the less-is-more headlight styling. As a result we see really stunning bike! Take a look! And don’t forget to check 10 World’s Fastest Motorcycles.

GiBike Concept for City Life

Today we want to show you amazing bike concept by GiBike. “The project is the result of a group of youngsters filling their needs. It’s come up after we realized that for 200 years, since the invention of bicycles, they haven’t radically evolved. We could change that. We have the ideas. We have the motivation! Practical and lightweight, were some of concepts we dreamed of. We didn’t create new technology. We just smashed it together in the best way possible. It’s a new way to enjoy our ride. The world is evolving. Technology is evolving. And bikes are evolving too!”

Concept 1865 Electric Bike by Ding3000

German design studio Ding3000 has created a high-tech version of the first pedaled bicycle, introducing electric power and plastics to the 148-year-old invention. Ding3000 collaborated with chemical company BASF to create the Concept 1865 prototype bike, combining various plastics into a contemporary interpretation of an early bicycle. BASF was founded in 1865, the year pedals were added to German inventor Karl Drais’ wooden Dandy Horse velocipede bicycle, so this provided the starting point for the new design. Pedals attach directly to the center of the front wheel, which is much larger than the supporting back wheel. The electric motor is concealed beneath a blue disk on the back wheel, designed to protect it from water, dirt and stone chips. An angular seat protrudes from the long part of the frame, which connects the handlebars to the rear wheel. The battery is located in the seat, which can be detached and carried away with a handle so no one can ride off on the bike when its left unattended. The same graphic pattern used over the seat padding is found on the tire treads and handlebar grips. Other details include pedals without bearings and LEDs integrated into the sections of frame located either side of both wheels.

Audi E-bike Wörthersee Concept Bike

We have earlier seen some of interesting models of e-bikes like Electric Bike PiCycle LTD by Pi Mobility. But today we will show you bike with exclusive design by well-known brand Audi. The Audi’s e-bike Wörthersee looks futuristic at the very first glance and it’s neither a conventional bike nor a pedelec, but is best described as Audi’s high-end pedelec made for fun, tricks and sports. “The Audi Wörthersee is a bike for tomorrow and beyond; all its components, including the pedals even have been shaped by the master Audi designers. With its radically-light carbon-fiber frame that weighs only 1.6 kg and wheels made from CFRP that weighs only 600 grams, it is described to be one of the lightest e-bikes with an overall weight of only 21 kg. In all, the e-bike Wörthersee exemplify the full-extent of the Audi’s expertise in ultra-lightweight construction. Further, this e-bike also sports on-board computer which is located in the frame top tube and is operational using a touchscreen. Among the various functions, it provides recording trick sequences, riding mode selection and adjustments of various e-bike functions. Also, the rider’s smartphone communicates via WLAN with bike’s computer.” Awesome bike!