Seataci Concept Yacht Copying The Behavior Of The Whale

Montreal-based industrial designer Charles Bombardier created stunning concept. Named Seataci, this concept yacht uses Bombardier’s propulsion system in each of its connecting pods that would house an oscillating foil that pushes water like that tail of a whale. This system, Bombardier proposed, would generate less noise underwater, prove more efficient that propellers, and allow the vessel to venture into shallow waters. The yacht would also feature a ballast system used to sink its main hull as to allow passengers an underwater perspective, host a dining hall for events, observatory lounge, and a tropical garden on the deck with a pool and landing pads for personal drones. And since the Seataci boasts the unique ability to navigate shallow waters with ease, it would be used to traverse various atolls and archipelagos in fantastic fashion. This is just a concept for now but if you want to check real super yachts – check our list of top 10 expensive luxury yachts.