Innovative Wall-Mountable Microwave Oven

Innovative, creative and rethinking the spatial limitations of the current boxy microwave – Wall-Mountable Microwave Oven by Choi Yousong. This is a brilliant design, especially if the wall-mount is strong enough to take the weight of heavy dishes. When not in use, the microwave is compact and flushed to the wall. When you need to heat a dish, you simply pull down the tray, slide up the door and place your dish in the oven. After you’re done using the microwave, the unit retracts back into the wall.The detailing in design is impeccable, for example, careful consideration is given to the corners a traditional oven, which is rectangular and since the rotating tray is circular, the outer frame has unusable, extra space. This has been eliminated in the redesign, and hence the new semi-circular design. Some of the parts are detachable and thus can be removed to be cleaned properly.

Cicret – Futuristic Android Bracelet

Although the first prototype isn’t yet ready, as the developers are still raising funds, the Cicret bracelet promises great things. Wearable technology is becoming big, and Cicret aims to go even further than existing technologies. As you can see in the video below, the device is a bracelet which uses proximity sensors and projects an Android interface onto your skin, allowing you to use your phone in situations where holding the device would be inconvenient or impossible.

Helicopter Concept by Héctor Del Amo

The shape of concept of helicopter creared by Spanish designer Héctor Del Amo resembles the zero. Hence it’s called ZERO. This model should serve as a personal urban transport. Quite intersting solution considering size of urban congestion. Take a look!

Rolling Stone – Concept of Unusual Electric Car

There are more and more concepts of individual eco cars – prototypes of the cars of the future – appear every year. Today’s concept – a futuristic creation of Russian designer Vitaly Kononov – is called "Rolling Stone". A very accurate title for the vehicle having so fantastic design. The corp of the car consists of two large wheels on each side of the capsule housing the only passenger. The car moves through the electric motors receiving power from onboard batteries. The design of concept is intersting by itself – both sides of the concept car are LED screens on which the pilot can show any photo or video. Such concept car looks amazingly nice but its practical side is more doubtful.

Future Train Design Concept by Chris Precht

Today we want to show you interesting concept of railway seatings. This design won second place out of 5,000 submissions to the Bombardier/YouRail design competition. The designer is Chris Precht. This design features retractable and flexible seats that are formed by an external stretchable layer which is attached to the structure and can adapt to different configurations (body types).It designed to meet the needs of travelers by train, metro, subway. Extremely cool and stylish!

Arm Lamp – Unique Concept from Dario Cavaliere

Another great lamp concept – Arm Lamp. We couldn’t pass by this 3D model created by Dario Cavaliere – industrial designer from Italy – in Rhino 3D. Simple, elegant and with a large number of degrees of freedom. It doesn’t have any unnecessary elements. Design is harmonious and it remains only to wait untill this lamp will find its manufacturer. And again don’t pass by collection of creative lamps.

Eco Printer Concept

If you have scraps of pencils and eraser and a great desire to save paper and thus save the forest, then this concept is for you. Pencil Printer created by designer Hoyoung Lee is not only for printing text, but also for its erasure. The trick in this concept is to use graphite extracted from scraps of ordinary pencils instead of toner. The printer has two “exits”. First one is for printed pages, the other one theoretically is for blank pages. Quite unusual eco concept.

Concept of Tablet XO-3

We’ve already told you about electronical magazine Infinite Book. The project OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) created Something similar – tablet XO-3. This computer is about the size of envelope but have a lot of modern features. It has a webcam on the back side and ability to shoot video with intuitive control. Main substrate of LCD-display is made from plastic that will protect it from damage. Ring in the corner of a tablet is made to hold it with comfort or hang up when it’s not in use. There will be used the display Pixel Qi, it is suitable for reading at bright sun and is equipped with a power saving mode. XO-3 will be equipped with processor ARM, the device will be waterproof, but its thickness will be 0.65 cm. This unusual tablet should appear in 2012 and its value will be just $75.