Electric Supercar Merkler MIRA GT by Mihael Merkler

Designer from Macedonia Mihael Merkler created a stunning concept of electric supercar. Merkler Mira GT electric supercar powered with 4 350hp electric motors AWD with integrated three wind turbine/generators behind the front grille. The function of this type of generator is the regeneration of lost/consumed battery power. That means, the faster the wind flows through the “jet turbine propellers” (for more efficiency). The faster the propellers turn, the more electricity will be restored to the battery. The air what flowing through the generators is splinted in few sections, for air conditioner, for brake cooling, battery cooling motor cooling. The rest comes out through the vents placed behind the front wheels,the vents placed in the section in front of rear wheels are used for cooling the rear brakes. The “exhaust” from behind actually is not a real exhaust, its used for heat dissipation from the car components.The whole body is made from carbon fibre, the car is equipped with cameras instead mirrors. Also yo might be interested in our list of 15 fastest cars in the world.

Ferrari F80 Supercar Concept

Italian designer Adriano Raeli has designed a new and really remarkable concept of the Supercar Ferrari F80. Powerful and pretty in the same time this concept is amazing. With 1,200 horsepower would come from this Prancing Pony, giving it a 0-62 mph time of only 2.2 seconds, and a jaw-dropping top speed of 310 mph. The striking vehicle is powered by a hybrid drivetrain that pairs a KERS system. Raeli replaced the iconic V12 with a 900 horsepower twin-turbo V8 setup (paired with the 300 horsepower KERS system). Check out this stunning design below in the pictures and enjoy!