Minimalist Pillowed Furniture Series

The Pillowed Furniture series by Paulo Henrique Storch looks very minimalist. It is ideal for both home and public spaces. The most expressive detail of the Set is the wavy visual of each piece, inspired by the ergonomic shape of a pillow.

Intriguing Booleanos Cabinet

Mexican designer Joel Escalona partnered with French company Roche Bobois on an intriguing cabinet called Booleanos. The storage piece’s architectural facade is formed from the illusion of layered squares that are emphasized with various shades of gray panels. Despite the offset angles, the cabinet is built for storage with three doors, one drawer, and one flap that open up to reveal storage space. Shelves on the interior are made of glass.

Creative Slap Furniture by Nicola Conti

Slap Furniture is a simple and straightforward concept that makes it unique and very versatile, as it can be used in every part of the house. The special edges to flip through allowing the wood to come out exposing the true essence of the product, stimulating curiosity like “I do not see,” and, when needed, as a functional point of grip for opening. The author of the project is Nicola Conti, industrial designer from Pesaro, Italy.

Kitschy QWERTY Keyboard Sofa

ZO_loft, a design and architecture firm located in Italy, is already well known for their award-winning designs. And the following project is great confirmation of this fact. This kitschy Qwerty keyboard sofa will be perfect at a tech conference, or in an IT company’s waiting area. “Arms folded and cheek pressed on the keys. Sooner or later, at home or at work, we all end up by falling asleep on our computer’s keyboard. Turning the archetypal image of a keyboard, into a sofa bed, QWERTY is proposed to hold you on its soft “keys” on evenings while working in the office or at home on a rainy afternoons spentwatching the home video, bringing a pinch of irony in our daily life. Anyway QWERTY is much more than a sofa bed. Thanks to micro electric motors controlled by a remote control, every single key/cushion is adjustable in height to give total freedom to the full available surface. In this way, the furniture becomes a playful carpet, a comfortable support but an unconventional surface, to let the users to be able to design new configurations useful for everyday life, and to be happy to finally sleep on their keyboard.” Take a look!

Exclusive Furniture from Roberto Fallani

Italian artist, sculptor and jeweler Roberto Fallani is known for his unusual approach to the creation of exclusive art furniture. His works are often perceived as interior decoration, art object or steampunk sculptures though they are able to serve as ordinary furniture items. And lamps from stunning collection “Light and Iron” properly illuminate a room, chairs, sofas and couches in “Habitat” series are absolutely comfortable for sitting, and you can easily place clocks, photographs or a vase of flowers on the tables and side tables. Designer creates furniture and lamps in industrial style from leather, plastic, and as an additional decoration he uses gold and silver paint. Also he uses such unusual design elements as gear wheels, “tracks”, metal frame, suspension, bearings. This is a special furniture for special interiors, and only elected judges of exclusive design can allow to own such luxury furniture. Yet we have a lot more chances to see items from the “Habitat” and “Light and Iron” collections in a museum or art gallery than in any living space.

Creative “Fusion Tables” by Matthew Robinson

These creative tables called “Fusion Tables” were created by Matthew Robinson for his final project while studying furniture making at the Leeds College of Art in England. “Solid wood tables manufactured by hand in American Walnut and Maple. An almost cartoon-like appearance brings a sense of fun into an everyday piece of furniture.” Do you like them?

The Beehive Chair by Graham Roebeck

The Beehive chair created by New Zealand-based architectural designer Graham Roebeck won the inaugural 2011 Formica Formations competition. “Exploring the theme of today’s highly portable art and media –interpreted through the analogy of sculpture as frozen music- the form is that of a non portable guitar pick and a gourd that are rendered immovable. Frozen. Constructed from Lakepine Zero low emitting MDF, Beehive has beeswax polish to the edges, and uses Warm White Formica high pressure laminate to the vertical faces.”

Extraordinary Outdoor Furniture Batoidea

Outdoor furniture pieces called Batoidea were designed by Peter Donders. "Aptly named for the genus of fish which includes the elegant stingray, Batoidea is an extraordinary example of design and technology. Fluid and airy the chair defies practical conventions. Peter Donders has stretched the possibilities of design with his technical expertise, and created a timeless piece of furniture."

Surprising Furniture “Wooden Heap”
by Boris Dennler

You’ll definetely surprise your guests by this creative and surprising furniture! Swiss designer Boris Dennler has created the project and called it "Wooden Heap". "The Wooden Heap project wants to invite the public to see beyond appearances. Create the unexpected and the surprise. Remove any traces of furniture which hides inside. It makes reference to the radical designers of the movement of the anti-design of the 70’s."