Modern Concrete Block House in Kuala Lumpur

A faceted concrete shell punctuated by openings of varying sizes wraps around this house in Kuala Lumpur, which contains pockets of interior landscaping that create private outdoor spaces. Local studio Formzero designed The Window House for a hillside site on the edge of a forest overlooking the Malaysian capital. The architects’ initial thoughts were to maximise the connection between the house and the adjacent forest, but the clients were more interested in the internal experience than the outward views.

Disappear Retreat – Zero Energy, Zero Waste, Zero Water

Clad in reflective glass, the Disappear Retreat integrates itself into any landscape. The prefab dwelling puts you right in the middle of nature without disrupting it. At just 83 square-feet, the dwell prefab is lightweight and can be transported on a standard trailer. Its compact size has minimal impact on the land and requires no active heating or cooling systems. All of the energy is collected from the sun with a thin-film PV in the south wall. A mirrored facade blends the exterior into its surroundings, while the inside is afforded prime views of the night’s sky through the glass ceiling. And don’t forget to check another great example of mirror house – luxury hotel in Northern Sweden.

Manhwaricano – Surprising Geometric Home In Korea

Located in Manhwa-ri, South Korea, the Manhawricano home is designed by Rieuldorang Atelier architects. In this residential project, architect Kim Seongyoul aimed to explore the idea of how beauty can be produced out of the simplest and most ordinary forms. She says, “In order to discover beauty from ordinary things, it is necessary to have a poetic sensibility to look back on ordinary things from a different point of view. I started designing with the question of how architecture can enter the world of emotion.”

15 Most Awesome Tree Houses From Around The World

Humans have not really given up on ideas of an Edenic life. Which is why they often seek to escape to paradises amidst nature whenever they get the chance. Here is a list of 15 treehouses from around the world that turn living among trees into a literally amazing experiences.

Barrington House – Minimalist House with Grass Roof

Sunken into a Brentwood hillside, the Barrington House by Eric Rosen Architects is a geometric marvel. The structure is comprised of multiple polygons buried in the sloped terrain. Covered with a grass roof, the three-story home is nearly undetectable from the front. Its asymmetrical form follows the contour of the site, opening the rear to surrounding landscape. Made of board-formed concrete, metal, and glass, the interior adopts an unconventional Z shape. The top level houses the main living area and the bedrooms are below. Each level extends out to generous outdoor spaces including a poolside terrace with views of downtown Los Angeles. Here is another interesting project – Modern House In Costa Rica.

Cool ORIGIN Tree House In a Forest in France

Atelier LAVIT have designed the ORIGIN Tree House for their clients in France who wanted to have a unique cabin. A hundred year-old oak was the starting point for the whole design, with the goal of being as functional and comfortable as a hotel room, and inspired by the shape of a birds-nest. The tree house is accessed from a platform suspended on another tall oak thirty meters away, which includes a heated spa and a chilling area. From this platform, there’s a wooden walkway, ten meters from the ground, that leads you straight into the heart of the nest. Upon arriving at the tree house, there’s a small patio around the trunk that has the feeling of protection, much like an actual nest. Two large sliding glass doors provide access to the living area. As the tree house has been designed in the shape of an octagon, there are plenty of large windows that look out into the forest. Inside, the wood interior is made from poplar, and a small sitting area and bedroom provide a comfortable place for relaxation. On the other side of the tree house is a narrow corridor with three sliding doors that provide access to a dressing room, a bathroom and a technical closet. Back out to the patio, there’s a wooden ladder inviting guests to continue the ascent in close contact with the tree. Once at the top of the ladder, the tree house opens up to a rooftop terrace that has 360° panoramic views of the forest.

Unique Complex for Work And Leisure on the Island of Flainevar, Norway

Up at the north end of Europe, off the coast of Norway, there is an archipelago of islands known as Fleinvaer. Amongst those tiny Arctic isles, far from the hustle and bustle of normal society, a cluster of cabins has been erected – called Fordypningsrommet. And you can rent them out. Equal parts isolated vacation getaway and artist colony, this unique grouping of structures actually functions as a larger whole, like a house separated into smaller parts. That means there are cabins for sleeping, one that houses a kitchen, and another for bathing. There’s even a sauna down at the base of the property on a dock over the calm cold waters of the Norwegian Sea. There are no nearby shops, no roads, and no predatory animals – just peace and relaxation. But don’t worry, you don’t have to brave it alone if you don’t want to, as guests are given the option to have a host (a personal guide and expert on the surrounding lands) accompany them on their trip. Pricing starts at $2,577. And don’t forget to check our list of 15 most creative wooden houses.

Maralah – Conceptual Cliff House

Cantilevered over the edge of a mountain in Calgary, the Maralah Cliff House by LAAV Architects is a love letter to architectural icons Frank Lloyd Wright and John Lautner. Like the works of its influencers, the structure has a strong connection to its natural environment. The concrete and steel volume is sunken into the terrain and concealed from view with a grass roof. On the cliffside, a master bedroom hangs off the rocky ledge. Its glazed facade opens the entire interior to landscape, offering near 360-degree views of the dramatic scenery and the river below. If you liked this mindblowing project – check other houses on a cliff in our list of 10 of the Most Spectacular Cliff Top Houses.

House Ourem By Filipe Saraiva Arquitectos

Filipe Saraiva Arquitectos have designed a modern family house that sits on a slightly sloped piece of farmland in Melroeira – Ourém, Portugal. The design of the house was inspired by the way a child draws a house with just 5 lines, a rectangle and two squares. The pentagon at the front of the house is composed by five lines represents the walls and the roof, while the rectangle is meant to represent the door and the squares, the windows.

Mix of Stone, Concrete, Glass and Wood – The Wall House in Portugal

Take a look at this stunning private residence by Guedes Cruz Architects. Like a wall in a Castle not in stone, but in concrete, glass and wood. Not to for protection but because of the neighbours and the strong Atlantic Wind. A Patio house with a Mediterranean country culture in the hardness Atlantic Coast. A big Window opens to the golf and scenery sea views can be seen from the interior and exterior spaces. Two exterior pool’s located in the patio crossing each other, one in the ground and the other in the air.

Private and Compact ‘Kooshk House’

For many, living inside a compact home or apartment complex is a comfortable or necessary reality. Sarsayeh Architects’ “Kooshk House” simultaneously provides the privacies of a family home with the feeling of being surrounded by nature. Located in the small city of Kooshk in Ifahan, Iran, the dwelling allows its residents to remain in close proximity with nature in a private space conducive to hosting social and familial gatherings. “In the first steps of thinking about the design, the client’s enthusiasm for nature led us to destroy the borders between the interior and exterior of the home”, explains the design team. “Because of the client’s demand to keep the inside totally safe from outside visuals, especially during ceremony times, it was not possible to maintain maximum transparency in the design.” The design solution involved creating a flexible facade that could be opened to varying degrees throughout the day. This helps to maintain the interior temperature and levels of sunlight. Natural elements found throughout the surrounding gardens are also incorporated in the interior’s design to bring nature inside the walls of the home.

Joshua Tree Container House Made of White Cargo Containers

Photo-realistic renderings of the proposed home by the London-based designer James Whitaker show a cluster of white cargo containers emerging like a starburst from a rocky site. Work is scheduled to begin next year on the Joshua Tree Residence in the California desert, which was designed for a film producer and his wife, who live in Los Angeles. Each container is capped with a glazed panel and methodically placed in order to provide privacy, allow in natural light, and capture the best views. A fresh white exterior allows the forms to stand out from their sandy plot, while also reflecting the harsh desert sun. An open living area sits at the center of the bundle. This space opens directly out to a wooden deck and private courtyard, created by a pair of angled volumes. Just off the home is a carport with a canopy of solar panels, which will generate electricity for the dwelling. The scheme also includes a large wooden deck that merges with the rocky hillside.

Wooden Guest House In A Former Factory Tower

US firm Andersson-Wise has created a tall silvery building containing bedrooms near a waterside holiday home in Austin, so that the owners can invite more guests to stay. Tower House perches atop a hill overlooking Lake Travis, one of Austin’s man-made lakes created by the Marshall Ford Dam across Texas’ Colorado River. The building is a free-standing addition to a 1930s summer cabin, constructed from local limestone. “When we first saw it, it was a simple building with one large room, a little sleeping room, kitchen and a porch facing the water,” said Andersson-Wise. “Our clients came to us with the request to expand the cabin with an additional two bedrooms with baths and larger living area for larger groups to gather in.”

Futuristic Private Residence ‘CoMED’

Following the slope, the light-flooded residential “CoMED” building develops in a crystalline, conspicuous shape. Similar to a ski jumping facility, the Residential as a compact living space sits on the slope of its habitable outdoor areas and projecting swimming pool, similar to a jump-off platform to the downhill garden area. The roofed entrance to the house, the “business card” of the residential building, is a playful part of the building, which rises from the valuable 3-storey building entrance to the front garden and draws attention to the access. A court-like incision planted on the street facade creates exposure and connects the front garden with the upper-level living area.

Modern Two-Story House in New York

Maziar Behrooz Architecture has created a modern two-story house Amagansett, New York. The “lanes” in Amagansett, New York, offer a nearly idyllic village life: adjacent to Main street, walking distance to ocean, but far enough to feel protected from it, walkable and dotted with a diverse range of houses and styles. Our challenge with this exceptionally long and narrow lot, with its long axis in east-west direction, was to create a home that would accommodate the owners wish for a maintenance-free structure, inside and outside, that would be a compelling fit in this historic neighborhood.

Small and Modern Back Country House in New Zealand

LTD Architectural Design Studio have designed a small and modern house in Puhoi, about 50 km north of Auckland, New Zealand. Surrounded by bush, the design of the house was inspired by the back country huts and the simplicity of their design. Locally sourced band sawn macrocarpa and galvanized corrugated iron have been used for the exterior materials. At the front of the house, there’s a deck with a board-formed concrete fireplace and sunken bathtubs, that overlooks the valley. When not in use, the sunken bathtubs have a cover that hides them from sight. This cover can also be propped up and used as an outdoor dining table, with people sitting directly on the deck with cushions and their feet in the empty tubs. Just off the deck is the living room that opens on two sides. This allows the family to have an indoor / outdoor living experience. Behind the living room is the kitchen and dining room. Minimalist white kitchen cabinets and dining chairs compliment the white walls. Next to the dining room is a sliding wall that opens to reveal the children’s open plan shared bedroom and play area, as well as access to another outdoor space. The main bathroom for the house is located between the dining room and children’s bedroom. A simple color palette of wood and white has been used with a skylight adding natural light during the daytime. Beside the dining table is an outline of the stairs that feature hidden lighting that highlights the design of the stairs. Wood bookshelves run alongside the stairs that lead up to the mezzanine. At the top of the stairs is a built-in closet and a small vanity area. The mezzanine is home to a bedroom. Four skylights are positioned above the bed, which is partially suspended from the sloped ceiling. From behind the bed you can see the living room below. Opposite the bed is a simple two-person desk positioned beneath large black-framed windows to take advantage of the view. And don’t forget to check our post about the most beautiful wooden houses.

Guest House Inside Derelict Suffolk Windmill

UK firm Beech Architects has converted a 125-year-old windmill stump in Suffolk, England, into a guest house topped with an elliptical zinc-clad pod. Once a prominent feature of the landscape, the 60-foot-tall (18-metre) converted windmill now houses two bedrooms, a kitchen-diner, a bathroom, and a viewing pod that offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside from the fourth floor. Originally built in 1891, the structure had remained as a disused stump for decades following the loss of its cap and sails. The mill’s renovation works were carried out as a self-build project managed by the site owner, using specialist sub-contractors and suppliers, and were entirely privately financed. “The design objectives were to reinstate the lost cap structure and restore the redundant and crumbling windmill to its former landmark status via contemporary design interventions,” said the architects.

Modern House In Costa Rica With Stunning View

Cañas Arquitectos have designed this modern house with a sloped flat roof, that’s located in the Papagayo peninsula in Costa Rica, and is surrounded by forest. The design by architect Victor Cañas embraces the dramatic setting and takes full advantage of stunning ocean and canopy views. Elaborate window walls frame ever-changing views of the seasonal forest and Papagayo gulf. Borders between inside and outside worlds virtually disappear. You’ll love the fabulous open plan, dramatic double volume spaces and elaborate sliding glass door systems that fold away, unifying indoor and outdoor living rooms. Ensuite bedrooms with no walls appear to meld with the jungle and ocean below. Afternoons by the pool and movie nights in the Monkey Room – a secluded media room that feels more like a tree house – are sure to become new family rituals.

Innovative Desert House With Tesla Solar Roof

BMDesign‘s ‘Alavi house’ is located in the city of Isfahan in Iran, set at the foothills of the Zagros mountain range on the edge of the desert, with hardly any rainfall and year-round high temperatures. To get around this problem, the architects designed the building with a sloped roof to create areas of negative pressure that help to ventilate the building and keep it cool. Sitting on top of this concrete house is a “double skin”, finished in new invisible Tesla solar cells, to truly make the most of life in the desert. This second layer can be opened or closed, meaning that in cold winter days the residents can open it and allow the afternoon sun to warm the roof while in the hot summer days, this second skin keeps the roof in shade.

Modern Villa From Wood And Metal

Villa Heerenveen was designed by Lautenbag Architectuur. The clients are a young couple with two toddlers. They have a full agenda and wanted an efficiënt house, closer to work and school. A modern spacious house with a large kitchen/dining area was their wish. On a plot on the edge of Heerenveen, their clear modern villa, with lots of glass and a number of special features, has been realized. The elevated property positioned on a black podium gives the illusion that the home is floating adjacent to the watercourse. The stunning façade with contrasting finishes which include folded perforated metal panels make a bold statement within this residential area, coupled with a contemporary entrance and a beautiful wooden canopy. This canopy is mirrored on a larger scale to provide shade to the south façade. This detail provides natural cooling to the interior of the property whilst the opposing materials complement the exterior of the building. The interior of the building provides clean lines with striking results from the perforated metal panels used on the exterior which allow light to penetrate the building and natural light effects which reflect off the walls and give an alternative dimension, whilst offering privacy from the neighbouring residential development. Floor to ceiling glazed panels with minimal framing add to the open feel of the building bringing the outside in and give the building the visibility of stunning sun rises and sun sets over the adjacent landscape , picture windows providing specific focus to the external elements and natural flora and fauna over the watercourse. The open plan feel is continued throughout the building with strategically placed dividing walls to give privacy whilst allowing the interconnection of rooms to flow, the stairs are a key yet striking feature of the property whilst being functional yet minimalist, this home offers a spacious living environment which is both functional, contemporary and maximises the assets of its location.