Daniel Arsham’s Upcoming Watch Collaboration with ANICORN

Daniel Arsham teamed up with Hong Kong watchmaker ANICORN on a limited edition collaboration. Officially dubbed the ARSHAM STUDIO STANDARD WATCH, the collaborative item boasts a stainless steel case body wrapped in tonal black and etched with the words “PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE.” An edition number (No. 1-100) of each watch will be embellished on the metal plate on the case back. The complete offering includes a mechanical timepiece, leather straps, hourglasses, stainless steel button, gloves, and a screwdriver. “Arsham has unearthed a way of seeing the familiar objects of today as future artifacts – taking the past, and making it present,” said ARSHAM STUDIO. “Illustrating the concept of time with sensible touches. The collaboration, Arsham defies his perspective of time through this handcrafted mechanical timepiece.” And if you need something luxury – check our collection of 25 luxury watch brands for men.

Time Tag Watch – Time You Can Touch

Seoul based industrial designer Seohee Lee created soft watch you can touch. “Sometimes, we need to check the time finishing our meeting or work secretly. To avoid your boss’s staring eye, you should not roll your eyes to check the time. The Time Tag Watch is a consummately appropriate for it. Those tags do the role of the hands of the watch. By rotating the face of the watch not the hands, it gets harder to avoid getting damaged. It provides you experience feeling the time at the end of the finger without any damage to your watch. Tag your time and feel your time at the end of your finger.” Take a look!

Funky And Ergonomic Hoi Watch

Today let us show you Hoi watch – a funky timepiece with an aesthetic twist. The side placement of the dial and the curve in the strap are much more ergonomic than traditional watch straps and faces. The side placement of the dial and the curve in the strap are much more ergonomic than traditional watch straps and faces. That extra room makes it easy on the wrist to bend in a natural motion without obstruction from a bulky watch face. Made of non-allergenic rubber and elastic, it’s material composition also keeps things comfy.

Skull Watch Celebrates Horology and Diá de los Muertos

While attending a master’s-degree program in Switzerland, Fiona Kruger, a young Scottish design student, was given her first real exposure to watchmaking – an experience that ultimately steered her budding career in a new direction. “I had never seen people working on such a minute scale or with such precision,” she recalls. “I realized a watch doesn’t have to be round; it can be anything you want to design.” Parlaying her new perspective into a school project sponsored by Audemars Piguet, Kruger designed a highly detailed skull-shaped watch informed by her own notions of time and mortality. She decorated the watch’s elaborate dial with motifs inspired by the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, where she had resided for a few years as a child. While the skull watch was far afield for Audemars Piguet, the design received an enthusiastic reception from the company’s then creative director, Octavio Garcia, whose praise convinced Kruger to build a full-scale prototype as a diploma project. The Celebration Skull watch ($26,170) features a hand-painted three-layer dial with details that glow in the dark.

The Innovative Bradley Tactile Watch

An innovative fashion watch that everyone, including the blind, can touch to tell time. Telling time shouldn’t require vision. The Bradley is a tactile timepiece that allows you to not only see what time it is, but to feel what time it is. The Bradley in this case is Navy Lt. Brad Snyder, who lost his eyesight after an IED explosion in Afghanistan, then willed his way to two gold medals in swimming at the 2012 London Paralympics. The watch can be used by a blind person or someone with sight, as it tells time via two ball bearings, with one indicating hours and the other minutes. The ball bearings are magnetically connected to a watch movement beneath the watch face, so even when they’re touched or moved, they always return to the right time with just a shake of the wrist.

“Subway” LCD Watch Concept

Take a look at the following interesting watch concept called “Subway”. It was submitted to TokyoFlash by designer from UK Peter. Peter says: “This is “Subway”. I had an idea of a always on LCD display that showed continuously changing apparently random numbers. Some of the numbers tell the time but without knowing the order are completely meaningless. To tell the time the watch would be activated either by a button or touch-sensitive screen controls. Once activated an animated chain links the appropriate numbers together showing the time, the order the numbers are linked in shows the order in which they should be read. This means of displaying a sequence of numbers would work equally well for the date too. This animated chain looks like the graphics used on some underground train maps hence the name subway.” If this design get sufficient number of votes this watch will be produced. Take a look!

Colorful Bakelite Watches from Tamawa

Located in Brussels, Belgium, Tamawa company creates fun and colorful jewelry, lighting, furniture, and other small objects. Their collection of Hubert Verstraeten-designed watches features their signature Bakelite beads that they include in all of their pieces. Models differ with diameter of the dial and length of band. With each style, you can choose one of 8 colors of the Bakelite bead! You also can choose between a silver and black watch face and silver and black hands. Do you like it? And don’t forget to check Top 25 Luxury Watch Brands for Men.