Aligned Lamp from daast Studio

daast is a young design studio from Australia and we’ve already shown their Spyder Light on the pages of our website. And today we want to show you another their creation – Aligned lamp. With a 360 degree rotation, the fulcrum makes the lamp highly functional while also acting as a design element. With each angle, it casts a different glow, from ambient to spot lighting. Take a look!

Spyder Light by daast

A design house of bespoke solutions, projects and experimentation, daast is the combined design thinking of Andrew Southwood-Jones and Alexander Kashin. Winners of the SOYA Qantas program, the designers met while studying architecture at UTS. Recognising a shared fascination for putting unusual materials to innovative use, they soon started working on design outcomes together. One of their creative works is Spyder Light. “Answering our studio need for a flexible lights source that could be moved easily and quickly, daast leveraged the abundance of metal shelving with a bespoke solution. Adapting a rubberized sheath used by electricians to join cables, both metal and electrical elements are joined to create flexible legs and house magnets.” Take a look!