Adorable Photos of Dachshunds by Summer Kozisek

We’re a big fan of wonderful breed dachshund! And each time we see really interesting photos of these long dogs we want to show you them. And today is the exact day. Summer Kozisek is a talented photographer from Seattle, Washington and the author of these pictures. On the following photos you can see two doxies Jack and Tobie dressed in funny costumes and with firm faces. Hope you will enjoy as much as we are! Have fun!

Serena Hodson’s Pet Photography

Serenah is an award-winning photographer based in Brisbane, Australia and a happy owner of free funny dogs in particular: Rocco, Ralph, and Simon. Inspired by their cleverness and the way her pups make her laugh all the time, Serenah’s pet photography captures the sometimes unintentional humor of dogs in a loving, gentle way. Her images are guaranteed to crack a smile across your face and kindle a flame of contentment in your soul.