Curtiss All-Electric Motorcycle ZEUS

Formerly known as Confederate Motorcycles, Curtiss has a long history of creating some of the most beautifully aggressive custom motorcycles in the world. And now they’ve taken a step into the future with their latest release, the all-electric Zeus concept. While the renderings you see here clearly illustrate that Zeus features the customizers’ legendary iconic styling, there’s not a ton of other information out there on this gorgeous bike. What we do know is that this version is a prototype that is said to run on a 14.4kWh lithium-ion battery pack that sends power to the rear wheel via the world’s first E-Twin power unit. That unit, by the way, is comprised of dual high-output electric motors driving a common output shaft – making it a kind of fusion of the mechanics of traditional fuel-engines, but operated via more sustainable electric power. No other specs or price information has been released, but we look forward to hearing more about this bike in the very near future. And be sure to check TOP 10 fastest motorcycles in the world.

Moped-like “Mobike E-bike” for Electric Bike-Sharing

The world-renowned company Mobik launches electric bike-sharing developed in collaboration with Amsterdam-based design firm Springtime. The moped-like “Mobike e-bike” uses both hybrid power and full electric drive, and is meant for rides up to 5 kilometers. Just like the brand’s regular bikes, the electric ones are stationless and can be left anywhere in the street. The new vehicle’s moped-like full electric drive allows an easy transition for people with moped experience rather than cycling experience. Mobike and Springtime’s two-wheeler offers a 70 km range and a top speed of 20 km/h, addressing long rides up to 5 km, while traditional bikes are commonly used for only 3 km distances. The final result embodies Mobike’s quality manufacturing, the sharing product experience, and smart technologies, along with Springtime’s knowledge in urban mobility, user-centric product design, electric vehicle systems and visual design. All features on the bike are designed with a user-first approach – for example, the one-hand adjustable seat allows you to easily match your height, and the secure phone holder facilitates navigation. Alsodon’t forget to check Xkuty Electric Bike and Premium Electric Bike from Slovenia.

Electric Dirtbike Cake Kalk

The balance between power and weight is a delicate dance for vehicle designers, with the general effect of boosting grunt is the inevitable addition of mass. For the designers at Cake, they looked toward emerging electronic technologies to create a lightweight version of a fully capable dirtbike, known as Kalk. Setting out to build a bike that is more snappy and nimble than traditional internal cumbustion motos, Cake’s Kalk starts with aircraft grade aluminum for the frame and swing arm that is wrapped in carbon fiber body panels, materials that provide high strength-to-weight ratios for a stiff yet airy ride. Power is supplied by a gargantuan 15 kW mid mounted motor that is fed energy from a 2.6 kW/h li-ion battery pack, generating a stated 50 mph top speed for a range of 50 miles. With the Öhlins suspension providing 8-inches of wheel travel and the bike weighing in at 155-pounds, the power-to-weight-to-suspension ratios make the Kalk a mutant moto monstrosity.

Folding and Compact E-bike X1 EXPLORER

A new electric bike has launched via Kickstarter this week an aims to raise $60,000 over the next 30 days. Called the X1 EXPLORER, the compact folding ‘e-bike’ features an X-shaped aluminum frame and can be folded from road-ready to golf-bag travel size in just a second. The X1 EXPLORER has two battery options – the standard 8.7ah version offering up to 40km, while an option to upgrade to an 11.6ah battery will reach just under 60km. A 250w brushless rear hub motor helps the vehicle, whose drive is powered by two 10-inch wheel, reach a top speed of 30km an hour on flat ground.

Gulas Pi1 Pedal Powered Electric Bicycle

You either love eBikes or you hate them; they’re cool, from one point of view, yet some people consider them boring, because they don’t offer too many thrills. But that’s all about to change with the Gulas Pi1 , a brand new ebike, blending old school cool with the highest top speed of the entire category. This pedal-powered electric bicycle benefits from 38 ponies, that will help it reach top speeds as high as 71 mph or 114 km/h. With an overall weight of just 282 pounds, this ebike will easily impress anyone with its incredible acceleration capabilities. The Gulas Pi1 will come with two different battery choices and various other customization options – from upholstery material to a luggage rack, a custom frame color, and many other goodies. It may be pedal-driven, but this eBike is so fast that you’ll have no choice but register it as a motorcycle. At the end of the day, you have to know that you will need $27,596 if you want to show this thing around town – it’s definitely not something you should take off-road.

Retro Style Electric Bike Avionics V1

Electric bicycles are all the rage. From high-tech offerings like the Xkuty to the more casual Piaggio Wi-Bike, there’s something for every purpose and budget. Avionics is on the verge of releasing their own electric bike, each one of which gets its own custom name. The distinctive look walks the line between minimalist modern and decidedly retro, all accented with parts made from Jatoba wood. The battery and motor case, brake levers, fork covers, seat, and headlight bucket are all made from the extremely tough wood. But an electric bike wouldn’t be electric without a motor. The Avionics features a 5,000 watt brushless DC engine, capable of a frame-bending 92 ft-lbs of torque and 75 miles of riding. Preorders start in September of 2017.

Xkuty Electric Bike Controlled by iPhone

Spanish bike-maker Electric Mobility Company lets riders use their iPhone as the dashboard on the ‘Xkuty’ electric bike. The accompanying mobile app lets people pair their Apple device with the ‘Xkuty one’ bike’, and set parameters such as battery consumption, acceleration, and maximum speed. The phone neatly clips to the centre of the handlebars acting as the speedometer while monitoring the bike’s battery life. Electric mobility company’s ‘Xkuty’ electric bike can reach speeds of 35 km/h in silence, and features hydraulic disc brakes at the front and back.

Electric Cafe Racer ‘The Phaser Type 1’ by Union Motion

Responding to the growing environmental need for an increase in electricity dependent vehicles, Union Motion has designed a motorcycle to engage with commuters on both an emotional and practical level. Such engagement is essential to the speedy transition to cleaner forms of transit, and Union Motion think their ‘Phaser Type 1’ bike is just the thing to kickstart the revolution. Founded in 2015, this is Union Motion’s first prototype. “We want to challenge the trope of nostalgic and aesthetically led custom motorcycles by encouraging others to experiment with the awesome possibilities offered by electric powertrains,” explains the team. “The Phaser Type 1 started life as a ’98 fazer 600. We got it as a rolling chassis, just frame, forks, swingarm and wheels. Once de tabbed, the double loop frame made a great base for experimenting with battery location and drivetrain layout. After a little trial and error, we settled on a conventional motor location, echoing the final drive output of the original engine.” The 6 kwh battery pack found a home above the motor and controller, snug between the two top frame loops, keeping the centre of gravity of its 50 kg weight nice and low. The pack sits on a set of rails that allow it to be easily removed from the rear of the bike. This means a fresh pack can be installed in under five minutes, giving another 60 miles of riding. With a top speed of 110mph, the phaser type 1 can be fully charged in just 2 hours. CNC milled sheet aluminium bodywork keeps things clean and minimal to allow for easy access to the controller and airflow over the motor. The tank has been reduced to the bare essentials, keeping the profile of the bike low whilst retaining the original ergonomics, allowing you to grip the machine around corners. Finishing touches include union motion’s own programmable instrument, an akira-inspired disc wheel and a super-bright halo running light.

Audi eSuitcase by Erkan Candar

The Audi eSuitcase is a fabulous idea for lovers of Audi by designer Erkan Candar from Germany. If you have traveled the world, you know that getting from point A to point B in the airport can be a treacherous event – especially while lugging around a huge, heavy suitcase. However, while staying in line with the elegant design of an Audi, Candar came up with the idea of a carbon fiber suitcase with a built in electric scooter which will allow you to ride to your next destination at the airport saving a lot of time and headache. All you have to do is unfold it, have a seat and that sexy, Audi eSuitcase will have you well on your way in no time, all while making onlookers completely jealous. “Audi eSuitcase is a short project, it shows a possible solution for mobility with the own Suitcase. Powered with an electric motor in the back wheel and lithium-accus in the ground the Audi eSuitcase could offer mobility for enough time.”

Grasshopper Concept Bike

Let us show you interesting concept bike called Grasshopper and designed by Kentaro Nozue. It looks unusual and fresh. The Grasshopper conceptual bike explores a hollow chassis design in a world where everyone wants hub less wheels. It has a circular body design with a hole running right through. The Grasshopper uses this negative space for storage, rather than for artistic expression. The bike’s design hints at an electric drive.

Foldable Somerset Bike with Oval-Shaped Frame

The “Somerset” bike by Kaiser Chang has an oval-shaped tube frame that acts as a slide rail, adapting the front fork to slide down to transform to a hand cart for quick transporting needs. This design’s circular steel structure and semi-arc frame gives “Somerset” a fresh form to city riding. The problem most riders are facing are transportation needs between the home and the mass transit system followed by the tail end of a commute to their job. Kaiser Chang’s design targets a market of foldable bicycles that can co-exist with transit and bus stations. Since the folding process of the bike is convenient, the whole system can be easily changed into an electric folding bike, for added flexibility.

Elegant Electric Bike “Piaggio Wi-Bike”

Piaggio Wi-Bike is a beautiful contribution from the well known Italian scooter brand to the boiling segment of e-bikes. It brings some cool features to the table along with the mandatory ones nowadays. You get the regular app that enables you to control and manage some key functions such as choosing different power settings, the level of assistance you get from the electric motor, the battery status, monitor its location or even choose a training method, so you get loads of smart features with the app. One thing that’s a sure plus is the build-quality, the attention to detail and the exquisite Italian taste put into this sleek item. Piaggio Wi-Bike will get a top speed of up to 25 mph, which is more than enough to go around on your town commutes. Light and eco-friendly it’s the XXI st century vehicle that looks good, is well made and rides beautifully.

KUBERG Freerider Electric Bike

If you’re looking to amp up your bike experience, you need to check out KUBERG’s new Freerider Electric Bike. The Freerider is an electric bike that exists somewhere between the space occupied by a bmx bike and a dirt bike. Unlike the louder, powered counterparts you’re familiar with, Freerider uses a 48V motor to deliver 8kW of power, which allows it to reach 34mph – without having to worry about filling it with gas or dealing with oil spills. You’ll also get specially hardened disc brakes, long travel suspension, a 22 AH battery pack and an optional WiFi dongle for monitoring and parental controls. All these features are built around a double cradle, powder-coated steel tube frame that’s as durable as it is easy to look at.

German Electric Bike FEDDZ

FEDDZ is a new German e-bike, one of its stand out features is the cargo space offered in between the beautifully designed and tough aluminum frame, two belts on either side keep things secure, whether it’s a helmet, a sportsbag, laptop, or just some groceries, you get around 23 liter of cargo room. Your carry is supported by the wider spaced platform that’s in fact the built-in battery which you can take with you to charge up in the office or at home. This battery has three different power modes, with the most powerful one in place you can go as fast as 45 km/h, you can also choose its range between 70km or up to 110km, enough to get to wherever you want around town, in a fast enough pace. German made, which is always a plus, a USB port for charging your gadgets, and loads of fun to ride. Go green with FEDDZ, no gas, no oil, no noise.

Low Riding Electric Motorcycle Zecoo

In the heart of Japan, skilled craftsmen are quietly working on low riding electric motorcycle named Zecoo. Assembled by hand, many parts of the bike are made from sculpted aluminum alloy block with an innovative frame layout that is centered around the electric components. Iin addition, the hub steering mechanism designed to accommodate the battery’s weight to maintain steering ability without changing the riders posture. The power unit comes from Zero Motorcycles, provides a maximum torque of 144 Nm with smooth acceleration that is uninterrupted by any shifting gears. The Zecoo electric motorcycle was designed by Kota Nezu from Znug Design. The Toyko native worked for Toyota before starting the acclaimed design studio. Unfortunately, the electric bike will be limited to only 49 units, which will be customized and decorated according to individual demand.

Deus Electric Custom Motorcycle

The Honda CT110, or “Postie” because of its popularity among postal workers in Australia and New Zealand, has long been praised for its durability and ease of use. Now, thanks to bike builders Joe Fischer and Ryan Mischkulnig, it can be praised for its style, too. Their custom Deus Electric took home top honors in Deus Ex Machina’s “2015 Deus Bike Build Off” in Sydney recently. Starting with a Honda C90 Cub, the duo tore the bike down and built it back up with an electric motor and battery from an MX bike known as an H-52 Hurricane. Copper tubing highlights the reimagined mini electric cafe racer, and the fresh paint job looks extra slick paired with the all black wheels.

Futuristic Tron: Legacy Electric Motorcycle

This sleek motorcycle named Tron: Legacy is part of the Andrews Collection and was built especially for Andrews by a third-party manufacturer. It includes neon lights, futuristic digital technology and a menacing facade. It’s completely functional and will soon be up for sale. Inspired by the 2010 Disney film, this motorcycle’s design is based on the dazzling neon-lit motorcycles that materialize out of thin air on screen. The design has been under wraps for the past three years since its creation. It was reportedly only driven around the company’s complex to keep it in working order. The 2nd of May auction for the Tron: Legacy motorcycle has no reserve and is expected to bring $25,000-$40,000.

INU – Urban Personal Vehicle by Green Ride

INU is dog in Japanese. A faithful companion that is always by your side. INU is not Japanese, but will surely become your best friend in the city. It is astylish, state-of-the-art personal transportation that aims to make commuting within the city a cinch! Green and portable, it’s a fantastic option as a primary urban vehicle and is complimentary to public transportation. With one voice command or even a simple hand gesture from your smartphone it will automatically fold on its own! All you have to do is worry about getting from points A to B! Pre-order yours now!

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson is about to change. The iconic brand have introduced the LiveWire, a step toward the future. The Project LiveWire Experience is a research project into the viability of an electric two-wheeler for the bar-and-shield brand, it will take the bike on a 30-city tour across America to gather feedback from consumers before actually going into mass production. So what do you think? Is electricity the way to go even for Harley? And don’t forget to check our list of the fastest bikes of the world.

Verrado Electric Drift Trike

You can now buy an electrick drift trike from Local Motors! “An electric-powered drifting tricycle for adults. Sturdy construction. Unique style. Hillsides NOT required.” A traditional Tricycle design, typically with a 20″ front wheel on a BMX fork, with rear wheels consisting of go-kart tires lined with 10″ PVC or HDPE pipe. The plastic sleeve allows for super easy drifting, even at low speed, due to the lack of traction. This sport started out with downhill runs, but is starting to evolve into flatland electric powered racing.