Electric Supercar Merkler MIRA GT by Mihael Merkler

Designer from Macedonia Mihael Merkler created a stunning concept of electric supercar. Merkler Mira GT electric supercar powered with 4 350hp electric motors AWD with integrated three wind turbine/generators behind the front grille. The function of this type of generator is the regeneration of lost/consumed battery power. That means, the faster the wind flows through the “jet turbine propellers” (for more efficiency). The faster the propellers turn, the more electricity will be restored to the battery. The air what flowing through the generators is splinted in few sections, for air conditioner, for brake cooling, battery cooling motor cooling. The rest comes out through the vents placed behind the front wheels,the vents placed in the section in front of rear wheels are used for cooling the rear brakes. The “exhaust” from behind actually is not a real exhaust, its used for heat dissipation from the car components.The whole body is made from carbon fibre, the car is equipped with cameras instead mirrors. Also yo might be interested in our list of 15 fastest cars in the world.

Techrules Ren Diesel-Electric Supercar

What better time of year for Chinese automotive R&D company Techrules to unveil their first production vehicle than at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. And what a show stopper this thing was. Dubbed “Ren,” it’s the world’s first electric production supercar that’s powered by a turbine range extender engine. Utilizing a combination of turbine tech, batteries, electric motors and a diesel engine to boot, Ren’s powertrain produces a combined 1,287 horsepower when all of the vehicle’s six engines are fully engaged. It’s enough juice to get the supercar from 0-62mph in just 2.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 198 mph. That’s some serious power for an electric car. Also, not only is it powered by jet tech, but the car’s design features a canopy that raises backward to allow entry into the three-person cockpit in a top-gun like manner. The interior also comes adorned in handsome Italian leather, boasts a sleek and futuristic aerodynamic body, a lightweight chassis built from carbon fiber and aluminum, and comes with exterior speakers and microphones to communicate with the outside world. No word on pricing just yet but production is slated to begin in 2018. And we do think that it has all chances to become one of the most expensive supecars in the world.

Ultra-Futuristic Porsche Mission E Concept

There is one car currently rocking the Frankfurt Motor Show, the impressive Porsche Mission E Concept an ultra-futuristic electric machine that puts Tesla in its sights. The sleek car boats a powerful 600HP dual-electric motor system with a 310 mile driving range on a single charge, and is capable of 0-62 in just 3.5 seconds and 124 mph in under 12 seconds. The super car also touts an 800-volt system that can charge the car 80 percent in just 15 minutes, and many advanced tech features such as virtual mirrors, holographic displays, and digital keys that can be shared with friends and family members. All that’s missing is a release date.

Toroidion 1MW Electric Supercar Concept

Today we want to show you another example of dazzling design and high performance coming together in the form of an electric vehicle. The 1,341 horsepower Toroidion 1MW concept supercar is powered by an all-electric powertrain that’s fueled by a high-capacity battery that can easily be replaced at any time. Designed, developed and manufactured by the Toroidion’s in-house team in Finland, the curtain was lifted on the 1MW at the recent Top Marques Monaco Show. Despite its dramatic looks and potential for even more dramatic performance (a claimed top speed of 300 mph, but more tests are needed), this supercar is actually built to be street-legal. Take a look!