Concept of Tablet XO-3

We’ve already told you about electronical magazine Infinite Book. The project OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) created Something similar – tablet XO-3. This computer is about the size of envelope but have a lot of modern features. It has a webcam on the back side and ability to shoot video with intuitive control. Main substrate of LCD-display is made from plastic that will protect it from damage. Ring in the corner of a tablet is made to hold it with comfort or hang up when it’s not in use. There will be used the display Pixel Qi, it is suitable for reading at bright sun and is equipped with a power saving mode. XO-3 will be equipped with processor ARM, the device will be waterproof, but its thickness will be 0.65 cm. This unusual tablet should appear in 2012 and its value will be just $75.

Electronical Magazine from the Future

Design studio Industrial Design 2 from Austria created a interesting concept of electronical magazine called Infinite Book. The basic idea is to combine modern digital technologies with current paper publications people are fimilar with. Infinite Book looks like two plates which have display created by “electronic ink” technology on both sides. The main feature of this book is possibility to turn the pages while reading. Schematically the full process can be seen on illustration below.