D’Light – Elegant Kinetic Award Winning Lamp

The D’Light is a kinetic lighting device that adapts its style based on the kind of mood you’re trying to set. With the ability to orient itself in various different shapes, each with a completely unique character, the D’Light works beautifully as a table lamp, a floor lamp, a hanging pendant lamp, or even an ambient kinetic-artpiece deserving to be in the center of your home! The lamp comes with a table-top base, but can be attached to any outlet, as long as it has the freedom to freely shape-shift. Fitted with a smart-bulb on the inside that can change colors, the lamp has a honeycomb-esque paper pattern on the outside that can freely rotate, and comes mounted on a specially designed frame that turns via a motor, controlled by the D’Light app. The highly intriguing honeycomb pattern not only allows the lamp to rotate the way it does, but it also does a rather wonderful job of scattering the light. The honeycomb lampshade is tear-resistant and washable. The jellyfish-esque D’Light is a winner of the Good Design Award, the iF Design Award, and the IDEA Design Award. Plus, all profits from the D’Light go to providing educational scholarships (Donation + Light), reinforcing the metaphor of light being a symbol of knowledge and wisdom! Also we recommend you to check Chocolate Lamp and Floating Lamp.

The ‘Alien Torchere’ Modern Wooden Floor Lamp

This far-out floor lamp designed by Dmitry Grigoriev in collaboration with designer Alexey Zudin takes on the familiar shape of a playful UFO! Called the Alien Torchere, its exaggerated legs and fluid shape are reminiscent of ones you might see in retro science fiction flicks. Decorative blue inlays inspire the imagination and look like windows for curious creatures inside! They also emit a cool blue light when the lamp is switched on. In contrast with its otherworldly form, its material composition is natural and organic in raw wood that’s polished to extraterrestrial-like perfection! And don’t forget to check other floor lamps Woobia and Daiana.

Balad Garden Lanterns From Fermob

French outdoor furniture company Fermob worked with designer Tristan Lohner on the Balad Collection, which is the brand’s first foray into outdoor lighting. With colorful handles and a natural white light, these portable, chargeable lanterns are perfect to light your garden, porch, or campsite. The Balad lamps, which are available in two sizes, get their name from the French verb “se balader,” meaning “to walk around,” letting them light the way as you move from place to place. Want to park a Balad in one place for while, grab one of their stands to hang it on. When you’re done outside, you can use the Balad indoors for extra light.

Origami Bird Lights by Umut Yamac

The Perch Light by London-based architect and designer Umut Yamac sits perfectly at the intersection of form and function: the bird-shaped light is made to look like a folded origami creation that’s illuminated from the inside. Made from actual synthetic paper, the elegant light is counterbalanced and rocks back and forth at the slightest touch or disturbance in the air. Yamac originally designed the light in 2014 as a limited edition of 20, but recently created a new chandelier-style configuration called the Perch Light Family for Moori that launched at Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Elegant Papier-Mâché Lamp Sculptures

For nearly 10 years, Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet have combined soft lighting with delicate paper craft to create ethereal sculptures. Working under the name Papier à êtres, the duo uses the papier mâché technique to construct life-sized women clad in elegant, billowing gowns that double as lamps. The top portion of the unconventional, all-white lantern features the ladies’ upper bodies while their pleated skirts illuminate the space. To produce these creations – which have been displayed in locales like the Paris Opera House – Mouton-Perrat and Guibrunet work in true collaboration. They are each responsible for half of the sculptures: Mouton-Perrat shapes the figures and concentrates on characters’ facial features, hair, dress, and graceful poses, while Guibrunet develops the base and lighting. Once assembled, the couple’s handiwork is a stunning fusion of art and technology. Although it appears as one cohesive piece, their individual contributions shine at separate times. When the lights are off, Mouton-Perrat’s beautiful details are visible. Once it’s dark, however, the exquisite yellow glow is all that’s seen.

Unusual and Modern My Bird Lamp by Anastassiya Leonova

The My Bird is a design project by Kazakh designer Anastassiya Leonova. As it was said on the designer’s website this is a “Collection of the interior lamps. Which was created from the inspiration of looking at the birds.” It doesn’t quite look like a bird but it also doesn’t look like a lamp in a common sense. It looks unusual, modern and for sure will draw your attention in any interior. So don’t waste your time and jump into the post for more photos!

The Illuminating Folding Light

Michael Jantzen has created Folding Light. Instead of interacting with light on the scale of a building, the small sculpture allows one to interact at the level of the hand; a feat that captures the importance of this essence in a way anyone can create and experience. Starting out as a simple white cube, four of the corners are hinged in a way that allows you to neatly fold the sculpture in over itself. Doing so to any of the four corners reveals the architecture of the interior, which features a single energy efficient bulb housed in a light diffusing shield and surrounded by six horizontal yellow planes. The planes combined with the light diffuser soften the bulb to an effervescent glow, and demonstrate the nature of light by encouraging it to dance, reflect and refract off of its surroundings. These interactions become a game of sorts, as when you open up the corners the light further bounces off of the shell that once held it within and varies depending on how many of the corners you open, and how far they are rotated.

HB Pencil Lamp by Michael & George

Michael & George pay homage to hardness and blackness with their HB Lamp, a 5-1/2′ floor light shaped like a pencil.The HB Lamp gets a huge boost in cleverness and visual interest from its creative cord, the graphite trail left behind by a doodling pencil. Michael & George make each HB Lamp to order from their UK studio. The pencil’s body is hand-turned cedar with a yellow satin finish and gold type. A hand-spun polished brass ring serves as the eraser bulb’s fixture and a white blown glass diffuser its cover. Over 26′ of cable extend from the pencil’s tip for winding around furniture or mounting in a set word or design on the wall. The lamp itself can also be wall-mounted with an invisible hook and screw system. The HB Lamp is also available in a Mini, desktop-sized version.

Wooden Floor Lamp “Woobia” by ABADOC

Polish design studio ABADOC have designed a wooden floor lamp named Woobia. “It was created by an inspiration of a childish bow that one of our colleagues made of a wooden branch for his younger son. In the original version, the shape was more organic but as it happens in the design process, it has been simplified which resulted in the smoother character of this object. Its lampshade is turned on a Lathe from an alder wood which has been glued together. The hand-modelled body of lamp also contains wood blocks which are formed in small squares. As for choosing the material for the manufacturing process we do not avoid knots because we think that every form of wood has its own soul and can look beautiful. It also has an impact on the usage of materials so that only limited wood is needed to make an object. The natural look of Woobia is ideally suited to both modern and traditional arrangements. This lamp is also equipped with wheels so that one can easily move it everywhere in the given space. Facilities like handles and connectors are made from stainless steel. The light source is included in the energy-saving LED light bulb. Only this technology is completely safe and can cooperate with the wooden surface of the lamp. This entire wooden structure can be covered with natural oil or varnish.”

Creative Floor Lamp “Octopussy”

Take a look at this funny and functional floor lamp “Octopussy” created by industrial design from Moscow Vladimir Tomilov. It’s absolutely flexible lamp with elegant bubble, which has colored lens and shutter for bulb. This lamp has three support legs, as well as “foot-tentacles” that define the dynamics and at the ends have additional led-lights. Once it appeared, the project immediately attracted attention and sympathy. In autumn 2001 Octopussy got an award in Paris and was listed in the book Designbook vol.4 and moreover immediately got to its cover. Take a look!

Creative “Stoo(L)amp” by Kristen Smith

You’ve already seen cute “Marina’s Bird” lamps and creative floor lamp “Daiana”. This time you will see lamp and stool at the same time. Called “Stoo(L)amp” it was created by American designer Kristen Smith from DSGN-PRJKT studio. “In order to provide extra seating for guests during parties or visits, the stoo(L)amp takes advantage of the formal similarities inherent in the stool and the standard lampshade. By slicing through the standard truncated cone shape of the lampshade, a natural affinity for hanging or sitting against the wall is achieved. Perfect for its stored state, this slice also gives directionality and added comfort to sitting in the stool. The handle for moving the stoo(L)amp also serves a double function, providing a notch for hanging while in use as a lamp.” Take a look!

Creative Floor Lamp “Daiana”

SoupStudio is a Milan-based group of Italian designers founded by Martino Cabassi, Davide Magni, Carlo Tartaglia and Davide Valtorta. And today we want to show you one of their the most interesting projects floor lamp “Daiana”. “Daiana is a classic floor lamp, with its stem and its shade. But it is upside down. Then everything changes. The stem glows and shade works as a table.” It definitely looks unusual and creative. For sure it would be stylish decoration of your interior. Take a look!

Classified Moto’s Upcycled Vintage Furniture

The following furniture pieces aren’t just interior items. Made out of recycled vintage bike parts they comes from Classified Moto’s extended collection of unique furniture. Table, floor lamp, table lamps from this collection will be a creative addition to your interior. All pieces are custom made from retired components from up to three different vintage motorcycles. If you want to have such vintage furniture don’t waste your time and buy them here. Have fun!

Elegant Outdoor Lights “Miss Jane”

Let us show you pretty, polyethylene outdoor light created by Serralunga – Miss Jane. The pattern you see is created by a special engraving method, which enhances the lights’ already exciting scenographic appeal. They are 100% recyclable and also suitable for indoor use. Its height is 1.5 meter. Such outdoor lights will enchant your garden guests and create a perfect lighting ambiance in your outdoor space.

Contemporary “Madame Lamps”

Barcelona-based industrial designer Oriol Llahon in collaboration with Spanish lighting manufacturer Alma Light has created collection of contemporary lamps “Madame Lamps”. The collection consists of three different models: pendant, floor and table lamps. Made of epoxy painted metal these lamps are available in black-gold or white-silver colour variants. Also all models are available in two variants: full or only half. Choose yours!

Modern Lamps by Atmosphere Globemakers

Danish company Atmosphere Globemakers created modern lamps that look like ordinary globes. Their huge collection contains floor-standing large globes, table-top small globes and many other creative models. Thanks to variety of colors and forms you can easily pick one World Globe to fit your interior. Alongside with their modern look these lamps are at the same time full globes with all needed geographical information. Take a look!

Modern Floor Lamp “Octopus”

Design of this modern LED floor lamp called “Octopus” was inspired by the underwater behaviors of the amazing octopus – the way it stretches out its tentacles and emerges from the seabed, revealing its curious shape and colors. LumineXence will produce only 120 items. So if you want to own such unique lamp you have to harry up!