Typography Inspiration: Photo Based

We’re continuing a series “Typography Inspiration”. Today we’ll show you a collection of the most exciting photo text inspiration. The basis of such illustration became free photos. These delightful photo design were get from combining inscriptions and photo retouch. Some of listed below photo text are photography by themselves and inscriptions on them are actually existing objects.

Typography Inspiration: Nature

Today to continue the series “Typography Inspiration” we’ll show you most spectacular text inspired by nature. It’s not so popular flow among graphic designers in comparison with other text effect but definitely worthy for attention. As a rule nature typography is characterized by usage of various element of natural origin, grass, flowers, insects, everything connected with nature and a lot of green colour used as main colour.

Typography Inspiration: 3D BOOM!

Beautiful Life Blog starts new series of posts called "Typography Inspiration". This series will cover almost all known styles of typography and will consist of the most interesting artworks of various designers.
Today we start with 3D Typography Inspiration. 3D Typography is a quite new wave but it have already gained the fame as the most spectacular and explosive style of typography design. It’s a result of great abilities of 3D graphic programs allowing to present created text in such way as no one did before. Volumetric text’s images give the especial depth and expressiveness to artworks. We picked up several dozens of superb beautiful 3D illustrations to inspire you and some of them are little-known to wide audience.

Amazing Fonts II

Today we’re happy to represent you next part of cool fonts – Amazing Fonts II – from Estonian company HandMadeFont. These talanted guys do their job so well that we want to publish their new fonts into our design blog. This post includes the most recent fonts as well as the most beautiful fonts made earlier. Want to remind that any font can be purchased at the company’s website. Do not forget to check our previous post about this collection – Amazing Fonts.

Fontfabric’s Fonts

These high-quality fonts were created by designer from Sofia, Bulgaria – Svetoslav Simov. All fonts will suit well for any designer projects whether it be web design, advertisment poster, image for t-shirt or even company’s logo. Also don’t forget to check our previous post about interesting fonts – Unusual Fonts and Amazing Fonts.

Fabric Type

After posts about fonts made from ordinary stuff and 3D fonts we want to show you another great idea of custom typography from canadian designer Tania Alvarez. She called this work Fabric Type. This experimental art work is created in a unique style and perhaps will be highly evaluated by professional designers.

Amazing Fonts

Month ago we represented you unusual fonts made from various stuff. This time we want to show beautiful fonts created in graphic redactors. Estonian design company HandMadeFont (HMF) specialize in developing unique, untraditional fonts. Their designers take inspiration from everything around. Interesting ideas and high-quality execution are distinctive features of these fonts. Some of their works have been published among various magazines and journals. All these fonts are availiable for purchase on company website.

Unusual Fonts

If you want to create your own font sometimes it’s no need to use graphic programms. Just use various objects and try to form letters. These unusual fonts were created by Vladimir Koncar – artist from Zagreb, Croatia.