Futuristic 197 Building In The Heart Of Parramatta, Australia

Let us show you a tower inspired by nature and history by GroupGSA and Rafael de la Hoz. Winner of the International Design Excellence Competition for 197 Church Street, Parramatta, Australia. The architectural concept originates from the building’s location in the heart of Parramatta. “Drawing inspiration from the urban context, heritage and the timeless Australian landscape, our proposal meets the challenge of shaping the transformation of Parramatta. The design is imbued with multiple layers of meaning and significance to generate a contemporary design of sensitivity and sophistication. Towers are defined by their verticality. We searched for inspiration within the New South Wales landscape for a characteristic Australian element that could help us express this verticality, an element that establishes a link originating from its placement in the heart of Parramatta. We found our inspiration in the EucalyptusTree, a species endemic to the Parramatta area. The Eucalypt is most clearly expressed in the design of the elevation, which abstracts the pattern of the bark of a Eucalyptus tree into a series of oval elements, staggered across its façade.” Take a look!

Futuristic Concept House For Ones Who Saw Everything

This time we want to show you really crazy house – the Pyramid Solo House by TNA Architects. This wild pyramid is just one of 12 ‘ Solo House ‘ projects underway in Matarrana, Spain – a mountainous area in the eastern part of the country. That broader project is an attempt by French developer Christian Bourdais to capture where the cutting edge of architecture stands at the beginning of the 21st century. This particular example out of the dozen being built right now was put together by Tokyo-based firm Makoto Takei + Chie Nabeshima TNA. The two Japanese architects have a distinct style that defies the surrounding landscape yet somehow manages not to confront it. The interior of the home features large, open-air rooms, stairs that climb up the side of the inside of the inverse pyramid, and a full kitchen. Of course, the most dream-like part of the whole project is the large, pyramidal pool adjacent to the gravity-defying home. And the pool floats are triangular, too.