Future Cars – New Concept from GM

Have you ever imagine what car will look like in future? Today we want to show you a project of the U.S. company General Motors: the EN-V concept of future cars. It’s electric, seats two and has about 8bhp. There was created three varieties with the design conceived by the trio of brilliant designers Jiao, Xiao Miao Magic and Fun. Each has the same platform, drivetrain and ‘intelligent’ self-driving technology. EN-V takes power from a lithium ion battery that feeds two tiny electric motors in the wheels, each of about 4bhp. Its ‘intelligent’ part is impressive. This future car drives itself, so it can be programmed to traverse a set route while you visit your friends. It can read traffic so it can avoid jams when it’s on the way to pick you up. Complicated crash evasion technology ensures it won’t smash into the back of the car it’s following if it suddenly runs out of charge and stops dead. GM claims it’s highly manoeuvrable and takes up about a quarter of the space of a normal saloon.