Bose Unveils the World’s First AR Glasses with a Focus on Sound

The popular audio brand Bose has revealed a pair of augmented reality sunglasses, set to match their new AR platform, the world’s first audio augmented technology of its kind. Bose has worked a lot in these last couple of years on its AR platform, which will also allow others to develop both apps for music, travel and education, as well as wearables, headphones, glasses and helmets. The Bose AR Wearable concept works by interacting with the user and their surrounding, thus allowing them to experience the environment around them in a totally new and cool way.

Finger-In Glass

A unique concept created by Taiwan industrial designer Fanson Meng allows you to firmly hold your favorite drink. A concept which redefines the shape and meaning of two usual glasses, modeling five small cavities specifically designed to host the fingers of the hand, as if the glass was grab by an invisible man. “Finger-In cup is a medium for fingers to “hold” liquids inside before drinking it. Differ from regular cups, it forms the fingers in the glass like an invisible man in a holding position. The redesigned cup defined a new meaning of the type of an usual container.” Take a look!

“Bombs Away” Shot Glasses

These miniature glasses will bring a sparkle to your party. Made from high-quality double-walled borosilicate glass Bombs Away shot glasses feature miniature bomb-shaped inner compartments that showcase their contents. This set includes 2 durable shot glasses measuring 2 by 2 by 3 inches and holding 1-1/2 ounces each. Interesting gift idea!