Minnie Mouse Inspired High Heels By Oscar Tiye

Even if you are not a big Disney fan, you may still feel like you need these super adorable Minnie Mouse heels by Italian footwear brand Oscar Tiye. The elegant and highly adorable heels have taken the internet by storm with double-taps and pins on its pictures now being a trend. Tiye’s exclusive Minnie Mousse footwear can be purchased on Net-A-Porte in two forms- Stiletto and Block heel. Out of both styles though, it’s the Stilettos that are garnering the most attention and we can clearly see why. Buyers also get to choose from a range of fabric options including satin, glitter, and denim, alongside a stunning range of colors such a classic black, blue, red and Princess Pink. Ranging from $450 to $700, the pretty heels are sure to make you want to spend every penny on them!

Creative “Thorn” Heels by Iris van Herpen and United Nude

Creative Thorn heels created by Iris van Herpen and United Nude is their 6th shoe collaboration for her “Hybrid-Holism” haute couture collection. The founder and creative director spoke out about the collaboration saying "Creating new shoes with Iris is a greater challenge each time. The new shoes have to be better than the previous and the techniques used for making them advance. We race against the clock and fly people all over the world to get the shoes to Paris. The excitement to see her show is something we live up to a long time in advance and is one of our most proud artistic highlights of the year.” It will be produced in very limited numbers in various colors, such as glossy nude, glossy black and mat black.