Tesla Electric Helicopter Concept by Antonio Paglia

We’ve already shown you a few examples of helicopter concepts for example Airbus Helicopter ‘H160’. But this one is really exeptional! Despite its unqiue design, this is a concept of electric helicopter! Designer Antonio Paglia sure seems to think the Tesla Helicopter is well on its way. Designed for efficiency and speed, the Helicopter would do well in departments like safety and patrol, allowing the administration to effectively patrol the skies and ground while even in some cases offer assistance in an emergency. Cool, right?

Bell Helicopter Air Taxi – New Concept

Someday drones will be ready to whisk us around the sky. Helicopters have been doing it for years, though, so it only makes sense to start autonomous air transport there. The Bell Helicopter Air Taxi is a glimpse into this not-so-far-off future, with seating for four in a connected, streamlined cabin designed to accommodate both work and relaxation. According to the company, the first Air Taxi flights will launch with a pilot in a 1+3 configuration, with full autonomous operation coming thereafter. The cabin is currently on display at CES as part of an augmented reality experience that lets you go through one of several scenarios in which an Air Taxi might be far preferable to traditional ground transportation. And don’t forget to check another great helicopter.

Airbus Helicopter ‘H160’ by Pegueot Design Lab

Airbus presented its new helicopter the ‘H160’ at the 2015 Dubai Airshow. Pegueot Design Lab drew up the initial designs, which were then adapted, developed and finalized by the in-house design team at Airbus. The creators at Peugeot worked on it after winning an in-house competition launched by airbus where the final design of the medium-twin helicopter aimed to get outside influences to create a new benchmark with regards to style. ‘We used the initial styling developed by Peugeot Design Lab to define a strong personality for the rotorcraft – a mirror reflection of the innovation, performance and emotion unique to the H160,” describes Guillaume Chielens, head of style and design at Airbus helicopters. “We developed a helicopter based on their design which immediately caught the attention of both operators and the general public. Style has become a key priority for the H160 programme, which aims to make a strong impression both with its unique personality and its performance.” The futuristic contours are enhanced by the helicopter’s tapered windows, and offers an updated take on the previous generation, the “dauphin”, whose nose has been revamped. The lines of the ‘H160’ convey how efficient and quiet it is in the air which was achieved through a series of innovations an airframe made from composite materials, a biplane stabilizer, and a canted tail rotor.

Luxurious ‘Bell 525 Relentless’ Helicopter

Today we want to show you a really luxurious helicopter. The Bell 525 Relentless is now in development and will feature a variety of gorgeous interiors that are commonly found aboard private jets. It’ll have a customizable 88-square-foot cabin that boasts oversized swivel seating, conference layouts, and a mini galley. At first glance, you not might even realize that it’s the inside of a helicopter! While passengers will be comfortable, the flight crew will also have state-of-the-art equipment. The 525 Relentless is the first commercial helicopter with a fly-by-wire cockpit, and it features sidekick controls with an integrated touchscreen Garmin flight deck. Cruising speeds can reach 178 miles per hour and fly up to 575 miles without having to refuel. This allows it to meet the demands of emergency response crews as well as corporate shuttle missions. The helicopter is expected to fly sometime this spring with deliveries starting next year. Pricing is not available at this time.

Totally Wild Argodesign’s Drone Ambulance

The “Drone ambulance” concept from design firm Argodesign for Fastcodesign’s body week initiative, visualizes how emergency services can be made faster in our congested, urban environments. Acting to reduce an estimated 1,000 “saveable” lives that are lost due to slow accident response times, the one-person vehicle which is modeled after a standard quadcopter, would be driven by GPS, an aviator or a mixture of both. This idea would enable a single pilot to control a whole fleet remotely, and to take over the manual controls for difficult takeoffs and landings. The drone would be able to land almost anywhere at the scene, thanks to its footprint which is the size of a compact car, so that a patient could be loaded up and then flown back to hospital for further treatment.

Electric Helicopter E-Volo VC200 – Flying Became Much Safer

Today we want to show you the E-Volo VC200 that has become the first electric helicopter to make a successful maiden flight, with multiple flights lasting several minutes and reaching heights of nearly 22 meters high. Together with 18-rotor blades and a disassemblable architectural system, the volocopter has been designed to host two passengers for distances of up to 100km and a flight altitude of up to 6500 ft. Equipped with an automated control system, the pilot no longer needs to worry about flight conditions: the E-copter is controlled via on-board computers that work in coordination with numerous hi-tech sensors. All parts connect to an intelligent mesh network. In the event of a failure of several components, the low-maintenance aircraft is still able to land safely. The construction of the helicopter integrates six rotor arms with three drives which are supplied from different energy sources. Each is powered by 20 independent computers, capable of individually navigating the volocopter in mid-air. In the current prototype of the VC200, the 18 drives are supplied by six central battery blocks with a reserve capacity of 50%; even when two battery blocks fail, a safe landing is possible.

Helicopter Concept by Héctor Del Amo

The shape of concept of helicopter creared by Spanish designer Héctor Del Amo resembles the zero. Hence it’s called ZERO. This model should serve as a personal urban transport. Quite intersting solution considering size of urban congestion. Take a look!

Jet Copter “Blade” by Norio Fujikawa

Do you remember interesting spider robot concept by Norio Fujikawa "Kanibot"? Today we want to show you another his creation – jet copter concept called "Blade". Norio says: "Jet bike, jet scooter, jet car, and now jet copter. Had to get back to doing a vehicle of some kind." Take a look and you’ll see quality and creative 3D model of helicopter!