Four Way Horn System “Imperia”

Instead of following current trends and embracing cutting edge technology, OMA audio always looks back to create audio equipment. The “Imperia” is a four way horn system with a vertical series of conical horns covering 100Hz to 20kHz, and two rear loaded subwoofer horns using a massive 21 inch neodymium woofer handling 20Hz to 100Hz. designed by David D’imperio, the wooden conical horns are made from a choice of solid pennsylvania black walnut, cherry or ash. The midrange horn uses the cogent field coil compression driver. The high frequency horn is cast by OMA from aluminum alloy and the outboard crossover network is coupled to the “Imperia” through a solid slate patchboard. The latest iteration features natural pennsylvania ash and is finished in had rubbed oil and way, to preserve the wood’s natural light color. Only the light colored sap wood was used from each tree, which greatly increased the amount of labor involved in fabrication. Combined with the black wrinkle finish frames and black slate water jet cut grills for the twin bass modules, the latest “Imperia” offers maximum contrast in materials. Custom internal wiring and newly designed harness improve the layout along with a modern circular rear compression chamber for the lower mid bass horn driver.

Horned Furniture from Michel Haillard

Furniture from Michel Haillard featured in this post causes mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is striking in its concept, quality of performance, its luxury eventually. On the other hand there is an idea that this furniture is from hell. To produce all this infernal furniture were used the most drastic materials starting from crocodile and ostrich skin and ending with horns and tusks of wild animals. Also it was created not without natural fur, which are covered inside cabinets and drawers. The frame and trim are made from wood, bronze and silver. By the way studio working with the material of the customer. You bring the skin of dead animals, and in return get the furniture made from it. It is part of the interior and the subject of hunting pride at the same time. Naturally, every piece is unique and the price for it is transcendental.