Night Under The Northern Lights: Panorama Glass House In Iceland

Located just a half hour outside Reykjavik is what may be one of the most unique cabins in Iceland. Introducing the Panorama Glass Lodge. sThis igloo-like home features a small fully equipped kitchen, a dining table, full bathroom, and hot tub – essentially everything you’d expect out of a high-end hotel or lodge. What sets this apart, however, is its nearly 360-degrees of glass in the bedroom. The three walls and ceiling provide, as the name would imply, a completely panoramic view of the surrounding bay. This makes the home ideal for viewing the northern lights on a honeymoon, romantic getaway, or just for those who want the experience of sleeping out under the stars without necessarily needing to rough it. Aloso we’ve already told you about other great glass house – The Glass House by Santambrogio Milano.

House of Shapes in Iceland by EON Architecture

House of Shapes is a private residence designed by EON architecture. Completed in 2014, the home is located in Iceland. The Project is a tribute to science and discovery, that comes through in the complex forms as well as selection of materials. The footprint of the House as well as vertical sections are overlapping shapes/forms of triangle/circle/squares. "Circle, triangle and square together at every level – whether the macrocosm, cosmos or microcosm – a universal symbol for the divine creation, in its perfect manifestation of spirit (circle), soul (triangle) and body (square). Thus, the sign of the unity of circle, triangle and square is also a symbol of the divine human being".