A Compact Mobile Office on Wheels

Belgian-based studio FIVE AM designed a compact, mobile office, or training facility, on wheels that they call “dojowheels”. Built within a camper trailer, the “dojo” reflects the design studio’s idea of working together. The modular design lets you change the setup easily making a small space more functional. The pop-up table lets you access storage underneath while also giving your legs a place to rest when you’re working. Instead of commuting to the office, you can take your office anywhere you want and even conduct meeting inside. When the table is down, the cushion slides out so you can sleep.

Baya Park Bird’s Nest Sales Office

Planet 3 Studios has developed an eye-catching office interior for the Baya Park sales office located in Mumbai. A sales office for a project is in a sense is a theatrical staging area, informing customers explicitly and implicitly about the brand and what it stands for. The spatial realm in such a case has less to do with the transactional nature of a sale and more with communication in three dimensions to successfully engage, delight and inform. Baya weaver birds make exquisitely complex nests and the brand name and identity borrow from the iconographic imagery that is associated with the birds and their nests. Our key idea was to build a sculptural, dynamic, fluid form that evokes t he Baya nest in an outscaled way.

Bright and Positive Furniture from Matali Crasset

Today we want to show you bright and positive furniture called “Quand jim se relaxe” from Paris-based industrial designer Matali Crasset. Made in multi-ply birch and natural leather, “Quand jim se relaxe” is an original ensemble composed of a sofa chair and footrest. This is really beautiful and creative furniture for your home. Check it out!

Meet at Wooden Waves

Small restaurant Banq in Boston is located in the premises of old bank, but it is not its only feature. Its interior design was developed by company Office dA. And they done their job perfectly! Walls, ceilings and columns are made of wood and in the form of waves. Waves are everywhere. Perfectly matched furniture creates a sense of luxury and at the same time lightness. There is nothing superfluous, it seems luxurious and cozy. I think to dine in such a place is really nice.