Shustov Brandy Bar by Denis Belenko Design Band

Denis Belenko Design Band have created the Shustov Brandy Bar for the Brandy Factory, located in Odessa, Ukraine. The walls are made from barrels, the ceiling is made from brandy bottles and the table tops are made from reclaimed barrel oak.

“Hole In The Floor” Bookcase by Raw Edges

Creative “Hole In The Floor” bookcase by design studio Raw Edges appears to be slowly sinking into a hole. It was made to look like the drawer of a cabinet. These creative bookcases have a classic handle and telltale grooves carved into its side. The Hole In The Floor bookcase is playful and unusual and can add a special touch to the modern or traditional living room or almost any other room in the house. Take a look!

Comfortable Verner Panton System 1-2-3 Chairs

Danish manufacturer Verpan represents its new line of extremely comfortable Verner Panton System 1-2-3 chairs. Initially designed by Verner Panton in 1973 and now recreated by sketches from Panton’s archive, 1-2-3 chairs collection is basically a remake of Panton classic chairs that uses newest materials. 1-2-3 chairs feature an organically curved back that flows into the leg and seat. “With a natural and simple design committed to Verner’s own defined effort to create furniture that “grows up out of the floor“, these chairs can easily fit into any living layout as highly functional elements.”

Albert Reichmuth Wine Store in Zurich

Swiss design firm OOS have designed the interior of the Albert Reichmuth wine store in Zurich. “Always considered to be an insider’s secret among wine lovers in the past, the Albert Reichmuth wine store is now opening its first showroom accessible to the public at Feldstrasse 62 in Zurich. “LA GALERIE DU VIN” is both a sales as well as a wine tasting and seminar venue and aims to appeal to regular customers and passers-by alike. The spatial layout and staging by OOS reflect the store’s values and traditions and let the wine bottles speak for themselves.”

Mood Swings Apartment Store in Moscow

This unusual interior was created for Mood Swings Apartment Store in Moscow with the help of Fredrick Nilsby and Cyril Duva. The concept was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. There are four spaces divided by different types of wishes a fashion-savvy woman would look for: Simple, Classic, Funny and Avantgarde. These symbols of a woman’s moods embrace the costumers from the minute they walk in.

Medusae Pendant Lamps by Roxy Towry-Russell

Let us show you stunning collection of unusual lamps in the form of medusas created by talanted designer from Pasadena Roxy Towry-Russell. These air, tender and extremely beautiful lamps will force interior of your home looks like undersea world. This collection is even called Medusae Pendant Lamps. So if you like ocean and you’ll enjoy it!

Beautiful Twin Shelves by gt2P

We’ve already shown you intersting concept of interwined shelves created by talanted interior designer Maria Yasko. This time we want to show you real model of shelves by design studio gt2P called Twin Shelves. “The Twin Shelves belong to a series of parametric furniture digitally fabricated and generated by means of an algorithm which is based on Voronoi’s tessellation. This model’s variables are an edge and points that determine its inner subdivision. This allows to customize the x,y and z dimension adapting the shape of the furniture to the specific requirements of each client.”

V8 Hotel – Rooms for Car Enthusiasts

The V8 Hotel in Germany will leave you feeling like a “grown-up-kid”. V8 Hotel is a paradise for car enthusiasts. The hotel is located in Stuttgart, Germany – German International Centre of automakers. Beds and rooms are made out from a real cars. Guests can sleep in all cars starting from Morris Minor and up to Mersedes. This is certainly a place that will blow mind of any motorist. Which room would you prefer to stay in? You can book it here.

Superbude Hotel in Hamburg

The architect Armin Fisher from the studio Dreimeta created a concept of a hotel in Hamburg called Superbude where you’re staying with friends and living in a hotel. The six floor building with 74 stylish double and multi-bed rooms allow to stay up all night long without annoying neighbours. All interior of this unusual hotel was created using materials and objects which are totally different in purpose: sofas have been covered with used jeans, kitchen sinks made out of seamen’s chests, and old water pipes have been screwed together to create shelves and tables, even pallets and thick ropes were used to create some of the furniture. So move forward and check out photos of this wonderful hotel!

Creative Store of Design Studio Aqua Creations

Today we want to show you stylish interior of the new store that have been opened by design studio Aqua Creations in Tel Aviv. This studio transforms artistic ideas into design objects and specializes in custom design for contract projects including hotels, casinos and restaurants, as well as residential projects. While viewing this interior you could see examples of exclusive furniture and lightings made by designers of this creative studio.

Little Black Dresser

Why does furniture need to be practical? This gorgeous piece of furniture is art! It was designed by Vancouver based artist Judson Beaumont and called the Little Black Dresser. It looks like classic little black dress and even uses hanger to be installed into interior. Extravagant and beautiful decoration of your home interior!

ALV Showroom in Milan

How should look like the design of a fashion store? Each designer has his own answer to this question. But I don’t think that work of each designer will be noticed. It’s not a case of Italian architect Fabio Novembre. He has designed the ALV Showroom in Milan, Italy. And he did it exellent. Design turned out light, airy, like lace. Excellent combination of lines, colors and decorative elements create a pleasant atmosphere. Every detail is in its place. Well done!

Screw Me Lamp

Today lamp is very important part of interior. It should be completely suitable for the style of your home. And various manufacturer can offer absolutely incredible variations of it. But sometimes less is more. Like this lamp created by designer Jonathan Rowell. Simple lines, two colors but interesting idea. You can correct the height of lamp for your need thanks to its construction. It seems it says “Screw Me”!

Lacy Interior of Chinese Restaurant Beijing Noodle No. 9

At the entrance to the modern Chinese restaurant Beijing Noodle No. 9 located in a huge hotel in Las Vegas, you will be met by a huge aquariums with fishes. Further you’ll see an unusually delicate and lacy interior created by Japanese design studio Design Spirits Company, Ltd. Usually interior consists of various internal components, materials, backgrounds. In this project the number of elements of decor is minimal: was used only one background – floral patterns made of steel and painted with white. Due to this, by a conviction of designers, was achieved tranquility of the atmosphere in the heart of Las Vegas. Through using the thought-out lighting shadows of the patterned walls and ceilings are falling on tables and floor and thus creates the integrity of the interior and complete the overall impression.

Amazing Interior Design from Moomin Books

Have you ever read Moomin books of Finnish novelist Tove Jansson? If yes you will love this bright design for family entertainment center created by designer Maria Yasko from Russia. We’ve already featured works of this designer – Interwined Shelves – and today want to continue. Interiors of children’s play hall, cafeteria and recreation were designed to recreate lanscapes from these books. Even colors in decoration will remind you about this fairytale. And of course everything was made to give your child pleasure and joy while visiting such center.

Off the Wall

There are many ways to make your interior stylish and unique. You can decorate walls by stickers. Or use the ideas of the Swedish designer Kicki Edgren Nyborg. Along with wallpaper decorated with colorful illustrations collection contains multifunctional wallpapers. In addition to the stylish wall decoration such wallpapers can serve as a shelf or hide a small lamp from the eyes. The wallpapers are quite unusual. Perhaps your decor needs such unusual.

Meet at Wooden Waves

Small restaurant Banq in Boston is located in the premises of old bank, but it is not its only feature. Its interior design was developed by company Office dA. And they done their job perfectly! Walls, ceilings and columns are made of wood and in the form of waves. Waves are everywhere. Perfectly matched furniture creates a sense of luxury and at the same time lightness. There is nothing superfluous, it seems luxurious and cozy. I think to dine in such a place is really nice.

Cosmic Pharmacy by Karim Rashid

The world-famous designer, winner of many prestigious awards in the field of design Karim Rashid this time decided to try his hand at interior design. He developed the interior of pharmacy Oaza Zdravlja in Belgrade. Interior turned out an unusual, bright and a bit cosmic, as well as other creations of the designer. It’s good innovation to transform standart farmacy interiors in creative ones.

Kids Room Decoration from e-glue

We want to show you interesting solution for designing an interior of room for your kids. Studio e-glue from France offers innovative idea – giant stickers for room decoration. With the help of these stickers you can transform a standart iterior into savanna, jungle, train station or even into moon base in an appropriate style. You can buy whole set of stickers, individual sticker or order specific one. All stickers are created from high-quality material made in France and they guarantee a healthy and safe environment to kids.