Amazing Pumpkin Carvings by Ray Villafane

With this post we want to show you some amazing ideas for this Halloween season. All featured below art work were created by sculptor Ray Villafane, who uses common clay carving tools to create terrifyingly cool carved pumpkins with faces from Grinch to Obama. "As an art teacher in high school, Ray was asked to carve a pumpkin for the upcoming Halloween. He decided to look at it as working with his well-known clay, instead of a big vegetable. As the kids loved the result, they started bringing him more and more pumpkins to carve, and Ray started getting even more creative with them – except for those times when an unsuccessful attempt would end up in punching through the pumpkin. If he’s lucky to find a good and meaty pumpkin, Ray only takes a couple of hours to transform it." Take a look!