Japan Design: Way of the Samurai Embodied In Motorbike

Take a look at the stunning piece of design from Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko. The Motorbike From Great Japan takes its aesthetic inspiration from the unique Japanese design spirit and elements of origami and the Samurai way of life. “The Japanese approach to design has always been original, which is the foundation of culture with its art of origami and the samurai spirit. The simplicity and sense of space, and today are recognized in the industrial design of the Japanese brands. But for some reason, this approach is now rarely used in the design of Japanese cars and motorcycles. It felt the impact of the European brands that impose their rules of the game, when an inexperienced user can not tell the Japanese product from the European. It’s time to go back to the roots and make Japan great again!”

Oda Nobunaga Scissors

The Oda Nobunaga Scissors by Nikken Cutlery are exquisitely beautiful and a fantastic idea to boot. Based on sword of Oda Nobunaga, these scissors come in a wooden gift box embossed with the famous warrior’s name and crest. When not in use, the blades can be wrapped up and stored with the mini gold-tipped saya (scabbard), as well as sageo-style cords, decorated in the iconic vermillion color that Nobunaga is known for. The handles are also colored vermillion. Naturally, the blades themselves are curved and designed like a Japanese katana and feature the Oda clan crest at the joint.

Villa Ronde by Ciel Rouge Creation

Circular residence “Villa Ronde” with a private museum on a rocky coast by the sea in Japan was created by Ciel Rouge Creation. “The design features a porous facade that allows the interior to experience the wind and natural light as well as provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Cross ventilation is achieved through an inner garden that serves as a convection system in attracting fresh air. A 40cm thick roof garden, which hosts 500 m2 of solar panels, serves as natural insulation in addition to blurring the physical boundary between architecture and landscape.”

Morning Coffee with Zero Gravity

There’s no better way to enjoy a morning coffee than to drink it from a cup Zero Gravity from the Japanese inventors. This cup is not simple, it comfortably balanced at an interesting angle when at rest , as it were at zero gravity, but then it’s filled – sadly stands straight perpendicular to the table. Also it shows a graph of ideal trajectory of love.

Delicious Rings from Japan

Today we want to show you collection of unusual handmade rings created by Sofia from Japan. This collection was inspired by delicious dishes, sweet desserts and various drinks. Very creative, not expensive and with Japanese aura they will make your day brighter. Each of them is existed in single exemplar and can be bought here. Also you could find interesting rings in our previous collection – 30+ Creative and Stylish Rings.