Stone Age-Inspired Knives by Klivisson Campelo

Klivisson Campelo, founder and design of Brazilian studio Monkiy’s Design, designed the ‘IP Knife,’ the knife design looks and feels like a piece of stone age weaponry thanks to the carved, geometric design that is inspired by the aesthetic of the aero head. The ‘IP Knife’ is meant to provide a modern yet comfortable means of chopping in the kitchen. Intended to be held various ways to obtain the desired form, the ‘IP Knife’ is a modern knife design that appeals through design yet satisfies with precision. Although conceptual, it’s certain that the ‘IP Knife’ would be coveted by chefs alike thanks to the design and purported function of the product.

Alternative Trapéze Kettle

The Trapèze Kettle by designer Fraser Leid aims to be a simpler interpretation of the modern electric kettle, relating closely to traditional stovetop kettles by incorporating higher quality materials as well as straightforward functionality and aesthetics. The open trapezoidal shape is the kettles most unique feature. The handle is directly inline with one of the kettles leading edges which acts as its pouring lip. The open top indicates where the kettle should be filled and importantly, visually promotes the disposal of stale water and cleaning the interior more often. The body is a single sheet of folded Aluminium, with a reinforced underside. The interior is coated with Stainless Steel The handle comprises of hollow, matte Polypropylene which follows the direction of the kettles body. The base, which houses the electromagnet componentry, comprises of injection moulded Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The boiling aspect of the kettle is performed by induction, which is more electrically efficient than both standard hob kettle boiling and electric elements. Though a new development, induction heating is a system that will have a great impact in the near future.

10 Most Creative Products for Your Kitchen

If you’re in the mood to add a twist to your day to day cooking routine, feel like impressing your dinner guests, or even just need to find the perfect gift for the design-enthusiastic person, this is just for you. SOHO Design Shop is an online store where unique and innovative items are affordable and attainable. Cute kitchen gadgets that will make your time in the kitchen much more enjoyable! Here are our top ten most creative ones for your kitchen:

Under the Surface Ceramics by Beccy Ridsdel

“Under the Surface” ceramics created by artist Beccy Ridsdel play on the metaphor of craft as surgery. In the installation, surgical tools such as clamps and scalpels seemingly peel back the “skin” of plates and mugs, exposing bright floral insides. The pieces mirror the intricacy of the human body while crossing the disciplines of art and medicine. Beautiful and unusual collection!

Personalized Cutting Boards by Elysium Woodworks

If you want to make an unique present for your friend or buy yourself a pleasant kitchenware gift then take a look at these custom wooden cutting boards. Some of them are engraved with the periodic table of elements, some – custom map or with some symbols by your choice. The cutting boards are available in maple, white oak, beech and walnut. To make your board even more special you can ask to engrave your name and initials inside the spot of the 118th element Ununoctium. You can buy any of these cutting boards from Etsy store Elysium Woodworks for $45 each.

Amazing Spoons by Glover and Smith

British artists Ed and Judy Glover under the brand Glover and Smith invent and create unique products from pewter and silver. And among all these decorations and souvenirs there is a series of amazing cutlery. Decorative spoons from Glover and Smith are famous not only exquisite design, but also the fact that they can be great souvenirs, and, actually, cutlery. Pewter and silver spoons are decorated with small figures of dragonflies and butterflies, acorns and flowers, small animals and other cute and funny characters that make people smile and create a good mood. Take a look!

Unique Cutlery Set by Isaie Bloch

Aside of the functional aspect of tableware, silverware has always been and will perpetually be an ornamental figure. “Cutlery is unique in its ability to sustain time and carries a remarkable family heritage. Sets of knifes, spoons, forks have been passed on from generation to generation all over the globe, traveling the whole world as a piece of personal history. Key elements in the kitchen set by Belgian designer Isaïe Bloch explores the notion of decay/processing, ornamental and aesthetic excess as in former rococo and baroque times, moments of collapse/disequilibrium and a balance in between etiquette dining and torture tools. by subverting the logic of perfection and beauty, non-perfect images coming from controlled methodologies are generated.”

Creative Giraffe Sugar Basin

If you want to bring some fun to your kitchen take a look at this extremely cute sugar bowl called “Giraffe Sugar Basin”. This giraffe is a spoon. It is relaxed and waiting to be used. Such creative sugar bowl will decorate any table and bring some positive emotions to the morning coffee. You can buy it here. Have fun!

Creative Denim FAB28 Fridge

Smeg and Italia Independent contaminate the icons of the past to produce a new style icon. For over 60 years, Smeg have designed, and continue to design, appliances to adorn homesaround the world, and Italia Independent, a brand of creativity and style, have contaminated two icons: the FAB28 fridge and denim. This fridge is entirely covered in denim. Not just any fridge, not the usual type of jeans. The FAB28 with its colour range and its soft and rounded features is a leading player in everyday spaces, a functional yet decorative icon. The FAB28 denim, made in a limited number of just 500 pieces, will have its world premiere at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Those who nurture a passion for beautiful Italian products should take up the invitation to see this original product, a highlight of Made-in-Italy, inventive design, imagination, and originality with an element of surprise.

AJORÍ by photoAlquimia

Today we want o show you creative cruet with the form of garlic. Called AJORÍ and created by photoAlquimia it became a winner of the first prize of Crafts of Castilla La Mancha 2011 in the category of design applied to the crafts. “We observe, peel and cut several bulbs of purple garlic. We were impressed by the elegance of lines that define the form of each piece, the peculiar texture of his skin, his diversity of forms. Before our eyes there appeared a set of containers arranged on a tray, about a stem or handle. Between the diverse offers of design that we wanted to propose, this one was showing with total clarity the functionality that we were looking for: a cruet with form of garlic.” Have fun!

Dish Rack Planter “Fluidity” by DesignLibero

Here is another excellent solution for small kitchen offered by Milan based design studio DesignLibero. “The “Fluidity” is designed to serve a double function. The concept’s success lies in its simplicity. Basically, it is a dish drying rack that lets you grow your fresh herbs and any small plant you want. The water that trickles from the washed dishes irrigates the plants. The base, thanks to its fluid form, directs the wastewater into the sections where are plant containers placed. Each container is perforated at the bottom for water passage. The containers are filled with clay pellets and coconut fiber, to control the water environment of the plant on the one hand and to keep clean the dish drainer base on the other hand.”

Creative “FaceOn” Plates by Boguslaw Sliwinski

In addition to creative transportation plates craftsman from Poland Boguslaw Sliwinski created new series of plates that turn your meals into hairstyles for the faces they depict. Called FaceOn, each ceramic plate bears one of six silhouettes. They’re produced to order in two sizes and can be ordered via the designer’s website. Take a look!

Beautiful Porcelain Tea Sets

Let us show you beautiful collection of contemporary fine porcelain sets by Heinrich Wang that will be shown at La Triennale di Milano from April 17 to 22, 2012. “The unique style of the collection transcends global fashion boundaries and embraces both the confidence of a new century and the spirit of an ancient civilization.” Wang refers to Chinese philosophy, legends and symbols in his works and ‘raises the issues of inner peace, enlightenment and self-improvement.” Have fun!

Creative Plates by Boguslaw Sliwinski

These creative plates with a transportation theme were created by craftsman from Poland Boguslaw Sliwinski. These plates feature various modes of shipping transportation on which one can arrange food to look as though they are being transported. This series of ceramic plates was created under the name of “Transportation Plates”. Take a look at this hybrid of art, creativity and food!

“The Scream” Ice Cube Tray

Another creative creation by Fred & Friends – “The Scream” ice cube tray. It makes your ice cubes look like Edvard Munchs famous painting – The Scream. Each dishwasher-safe silicone tray includes 12 expressionistic renderings of the painting. Extremely funny and also, obviously, functional. Made from dishwasher safe silicone in a wonderful and eye grabbing red color. You can buy it here.

Half-Pint Creamer by Fred & Friends

Fred & Friends created an excellent, original product the Glass Milk Carton. "Got cream? Half Pint is an artfully blown and molded glass creamer that captures the comforting familiarity of a mini milk carton, just like the ones Mrs. Fontaine used to pass out in the school cafeteria. Simple, elegant, whimsical – it’s a gem de la crème. " Cool gift idea. You can buy it here.

Creative Tea Set by José Paulo Alves Corceiro

Tired from ordinary tea sets and can not find something really interesting? Take a look at this creative tea set called “Nasty Set” created by designer José Paulo Alves Corceiro. "The sets of china do not have to be boring. This is an image that recalls the iconography of comics and animated films, making a pot of tea and two cups into disconcerting characters. The entertaining aspect of the objects wants to attract younger and older people, questioning them about their relationship with classic references as a set for tea." Would you like to take a tea from such tea set?

The Efeet Collection by Dylan Kendall

Designer Dylan Kendall created a funny ceramic collection for kitchen and bathroom called “Efeet Collection”. It consists of footed dishware, claw-foot soap dishes and toothy tooth brush cups. “Ever wonder what would happen if you closed your eyes for a moment only to open them and find yourself in another world? A place of magic where the adventure of dining begins with dishware that stands on its own.” Have fun!

Creative “Slice Glass” by Vasiliy Butentko

This simple but at the same time creative glass called “Slice Glass” is one of the latest projects of designer from Ukraine Vasiliy Butentko. “The concept that combines the simplicity of form and dynamics of a certain “falling body” created by the cutting plane. When filling a liquid form starts to”play” for the unusual distribution of content, unusual for everyday look. The same concept is inherent functionality: a hollow shape with two sides, which allows its use as a standard position and the upside.”

Tea Steeper “Tea-time” by Pengtao Yu

You will love the following tea set called “Tea-time”. Designer Pengtao Yu created simple but yet convinient set combining of tea leaves, water and steeping time! You put tea leaf and hot water into first part of “Tea-time”, twist the timer to set the steeping time and the ready tea slowly trickles down to the bottom beaker. The timer/filter hold back the leaves and your cuppa is ready to sip! Simple? Yes. Convinient? Absolutely!