Primitive Knife by Michele Daneluzzo

While studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna Italian designer Michele Daneluzzo developed this “Primitive Knife” and it is currently in production with Italian cutlery brand Del Ben. Michele took inspiration from tools used by early humans when designing this stainless steel knife. The implement is formed from one petal-shaped piece of steel, reminiscent of flint cutting utensils from the Stone Age. “The project analyses the different aspects of the intrinsic relationship between mankind and design, proposing to the modern culture a forgotten tool.” Instead of a handle found on contemporary knives, a subtle ridge runs along the thicker top of the blade to aid grip. The shape slims towards the front and bottom to create the sharp cutting edge. The knife is available in polished or blasted steel and is stored upright on a pebble-like stand that comes included. If you like modern cultery then you should check The Deglon Meeting Knife Set.