25 Industrial Table Lamps In Vintage Style

The mention of ‘vintage lamps’ usually brings to mind ornate metal lamps with elaborately embroidered shades. Well, it is time to move on with the ones in this list. Made with old fittings, these lamps with a touch of the avant-garde are perfect tributes to the spirit of adventure.

Bicycle-Inspired Handlebar Lamps From Industrial Kid

Designers from Industrial Kid create Handlebar Lamps inspired by bicycles. They take disused bike handles and turn them into a striking and functional piece of lighting. Lamp comes in a variety of colors and styles that one can pick and choose from. Spare parts such as brake levers, grips, Bowden cable housing and stem available in 10 different colours to compliment any interior, including kiwi lime green, strawberry smoothie and chocolate brown. And the handlebars actually switch the lamp on and off!

Mygdal Plantlight Brings Life Into Windowless Spaces

Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke of German design studio We Love Eames wanted to create a lamp that would allow greenery to grow in windowless spaces. They drew many different ideas, but settled on one they named the Mygdal Plantlamp , a lamp that would allow a plant to grow inside it, without the use of direct sunlight and water. Arne then set out to create a template for the glass lamp to be shaped on. This involved creating a mold. Then the glass had to be blown for the lamp. Below we can see the glassblowers molds being carbonized. This helps the glassblowers form the glass into the desired shape. The glass blowers then work the glass to create the shape needed for the lamp. The end result is two versions, a pendant lamp and a standing lamp, that both have small plants growing in them, with an LED light replicating the need for sunlight. The standing lamp has a special feature. There’s an electrically conductive glass coating (patent pending), which is able to stream the electricity invisible along the surface, which means there is no cable connection between the power source and the LED light. The lights are a completely self-sustaining ecosystem, where they claim the plants can grow undisturbed for years.

Collection of Oversized Anglepoise Lamps

The iconic 1930’s Anglepoise desk light is something you’ve probably seen many times before, but now they’re launching the extended Anglepoise Giant Collection later this month in Frankfurt, and in May for North America. The new pieces of the collection are the outdoor versions, like the new Giant wall-mounted light for indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor lighting has marine-grade stainless steel fittings, a sealed light unit and durable silicone rubber cable, as well as 15 different color options.

Vintage Lamps by Salt City Lamp Works

Take a look at these great looking pieces from Salt City Lamp Works. Crafted from repurposed cigar boxes, these striking constructs are definitely going to add a touch of vintage appeal to any room and there will be plenty of chaps out there with a love of cigars that will fall for the visual appeal of these hand-made pieces. For anyone who wants to fill their home with genuinely unique, vintage fare then you’ll undoubtedly get what you’re looking for with these first class lamps from Salt City Lamp Works. The work of Salt Lake City resident, Josh Marans, there is plenty to admire with these one of kind offerings and there’s a real retro appeal that will make them immeasurably popular for those with contemporary homes shouting out for such items.

5+5 Lamp Inspired by a 1970’s Puzzle Toy

Children of the 1970s for sure remember the Rubick’s Cube and its sister toy – the Rubik’s Snake. Oikimus Maria and Ivan Zverev of Oikimus Design remember it too and designed the 5+5 Lamp based on it. Just like the toy, 5+5 is made up of elements interconnected by hinges that allow the parts to rotate 360° to create various two- and three-dimensional shapes. The lamp’s case is made of plywood and is outfitted with LEDs inside that illuminate through frosted Plexiglas. Due to the lamp’s ability to change, it can become a table lamp, a wall lamp, or it can even be attached to your ceiling.

Lili Lite – The Ultimate Reading Lamp

Lili Lite is a reading light, a bookmark and a bookshelf combined into one smart product. A sensor turns off the light when an open book is placed on the shelf. When the book is picked up again, the light automatically turns on. Lili Lite is an ingenious design by Studio Smeets Design that combines function and style in a simple way. LiliLite is designed by Thijs Smeets. “I came up with the idea when lying in bed putting a book away on my bedside table. There was so much stuff on there it all clattered on the floor. I thought; what if I could lie my book on my reading light? I took a pen and started sketching…”

Whimsical Lighting Collection by Ingo Maurer

German lighting prodigy Ingo Maurer is often called “a poet of light”. Able to infuse a simple object like a light bulb for example with a poetic exploration of a conceptual theme, German lighting prodigy Ingo Maurer’s work bridges art and function. His fascinating light sculptures capture the imagination and are uniquely different. Ingo Maurer is fascinated by what he calls the “magical and mystical” properties of light. Ingo Maurer constructs luminous atmospheres that play with traditional concepts of color, brightness, and shadow.

Moomin Lights by Feelis Helsinki

Feelis Helsinki is an investment and development company for prominent Finnish design companies. "В want to celebrate the anniversary of highly admired artist Tove Jansson with our collection of Moomin lights. We hope – besides lighting up everyone’s day – to bring the characters of Moomintroll, Snorkamaiden, and the Hattifatteners alive in people’s lives." Take а look!

Recycled Paper Objects by Material Immaterial Lab

Material Immaterial Lab have designed a variety of objects using recycled paper. “Material Immaterial Lab has designed these unconventional pieces of art out of papier-mâché using form and textures inspired from nature. These pieces turn into elegant light fittings and furniture. The texture and details in nature have always been awe-inspiring, from the form of the flowers to the translucence of ferns, the texture of mushrooms, softness of mosses and the strength of the nautilus, they have all mesmerized us at some point of time in our lives. In these moments of revelation lies our inspiration for creating these sublime objects of daily use. These limited edition objects are a part of the series "Organic". Each piece has been painstakingly handcrafted with utmost attention to detail and strives to capture the essence of nature. When it came to building our ideas into products, papier-mâché became the preferred material due to its immense versatility, durability and extremely accommodating nature allowing us to add subtract and make spontaneous improvements in the form. Due to the unique layering process of handcrafting, each of these pieces achieve their unique texture and colour, depending on the kind of paper used at various stages of creation.”

My Love by Edmondo Testaguzza for Karman

Another great example of pendant lamps. Edmondo Testaguzza has designed My Love, a collection of suspension lamps made fromwhite lacquered brass with engraving for Italian manufacturer Karman. “Founded in 2005 the company succeeds after a few years in the aim of creating a strong brand identity for an unconventional decorative, design lighting which is proudly made in Italy.”

Aura Collection by Jasper van Grootel

Jasper van Grootel of JSPR has designed a lighting collection named Aura. "The Aura collection consists of a variety of three circle shaped lighting items in different sizes. Crafted of Anodized aluminium and fixed with fairground light bulbs these design objects are sophisticated yet playful. It is possible to connect thru the Aura’s; create an immense lighting object by making a range of the same or different sizes offered. These lighting items ad a luxurious and intense atmosphere to a space, whether it’s in a hospitality facility, in an office, a living room or even in a club. Available in three standard colours: black, silver and gold. Every other colour is available on request." Take a look!

Monochrome Pendant Light LETi by Studio Macura

Studio Macura have designed LETi, a pendant light that includes a clip-on 3D printed bird. “LETi, is a monochrome pendant light with a clipped 3D printed bird around its textile covered cable. These monochromatic pendant lights are available in three colors, black white and red, each supporting a color matching figurine of a wood pecker. There is a fourth version including a white lamp and cable with a desired colored bird. The fantastic technique of 3D printing transforms a basic pendant light into an iconic poetic object.”

Simon Says by Aqua Creations

Aqua Creations have designed Simon Says, a collection of wall lamps made from natural silk as part of their Mino Collection. "Simon Says, the newest member of the Mino Collection, combines clean straight lines with our signature natural silk. The lamps work beautifully as single pieces or in groups of various sizes and colors. The proportions make Simon Says perfect for either narrow spaces, or for more complex light installations and compositions."

Creative Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is one of America’s best known architects. His award winning designs can be found around the world and have gained him the honor of being called the most significant American architect of our generation. Frank Gehry has a another passion, Fish. Over 25 years ago when Frank was working on a project for Formica, he shattered a sheet of ColorCore laminate. Instead of fretting over the damage, Frank’s creative mind kicked into high gear seeing the shards of colorful plastic as fish scales. Soon he had created a series of Fish Lamps by using metal framework and the ColorCore shards that are treasured works of art traveling from museum to museum. Recently, the 80+ year old architect created a new series of Fish Lamps, once again using ColorCore from Formica. Take a look at his new pieces.

Lighttype Fine Porceline Letters by Seletti

Today we want to show you interesting lamps “Lighttype Fine Porceline Letters”. “Everything from an initial to the word or words of your choice. You are only limited by the alphabet…and the words you know how to spell. Each letter sold separately. ” Such alphabet opens up opportunities for self-expression. Don’t you think? And, the price for each letter is $180. You can buy it here.

Minimalist Pendant Lamp “Mega Bulb”

Let us show you a winner of numerous awards like the “GOOD DESIGN award” and “Wallpaper Design Award”. Created by Danish designer Sofie Refer classic pendant lamp called “Mega Bulb” is handcrafted lamp in the shape of the first electric lamps. “Minimalist, functional with Scandinavian classicism, the Mega Bulb is a timeless piece of design, being a perfect companion for the kitchen chef or lighting large rooms and spaces.” If you like this pendant lamp you can buy it here. Have fun!

Modern Lamps by Giles Godwin-Brown

Today we will show you two interesting modern lamps created by product and lighting designer Giles Godwin-Brown. Both lamps are two dimensional. The Nepa Lamp is a wall-mounted six feet lamp equipped with friction hinges to allow the piece to pivot away from the wall. Constructed of birch plywood and stainless steel with some aluminum details, it utilizes high-powered LED lighting. The Candor Lamp is also wall-mounted and is constructed of cotton and timber. Wired with LED lighting as well, this lamp features a transparent strip that generates a "halo-like" glow on the wall it is mounted on. Take a look!

Contemporary “Madame Lamps”

Barcelona-based industrial designer Oriol Llahon in collaboration with Spanish lighting manufacturer Alma Light has created collection of contemporary lamps “Madame Lamps”. The collection consists of three different models: pendant, floor and table lamps. Made of epoxy painted metal these lamps are available in black-gold or white-silver colour variants. Also all models are available in two variants: full or only half. Choose yours!

Beautiful Artichoke Pendant Lamps

New York-based architect Allison Patrick set herself the goal of creating 30 DIY designs in 30 weeks, and she called it the 30x30x3 Project. The project includes lots of interesting an creative designs like these beautiful Artichoke pendant lamps. These lamps are made from all sorts of paper including phone books, boring novels, USA road maps, colorful magazines and music sheets. Shaped like artichokes, these creative pendant lamp will bring fun to any room. All lamps are available on Etsy. You can buy them here or try to create something similar. Have fun!