Lovely And Unique Smart LED Lamp Bero

Bero is an unusual smart desk lamp that can express a variety of colors and controlled by its own application. It has no button to turn the light on or off. You can knock Bero’s head or body twice to turn the light on or off. This is the difference with existing products with which you can touch specific areas to turn the light on or off. It’s an original function that you cannot see in existing lamp products. Bero has RGB LED to offer experiences in a variety of colors. You can express diverse moods by changing colors with the application. So you can have Bero with a variety of diverse colors. Also you can use application to turn Bero on or off at a specific time you want. So, you don’t need to fall asleep in the dark and wake up in the morning with noisy alarms any more. Bero is a spirit of light that flies between trees in the forest and shares its light energy with grass and trees under shades to help them growing. In addition to Bero is very curious and goes outside the forest at night. It watches over sleepless children at the windows and then goes back to the forest when the sun is about to come up.

Naturalistic Trio of Monkey Lamps

The Monkey Lamp is a wild yet functional lighting design by the Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. Like in much of Malerba’s art and design , the Monkey Lamp uses a naturalistic figure to explore relationships between people and animals. Here, the resulting trio of lamps has a human quality to its expression at the same time that it resembles something out of a science museum. Each of the three primates is quite detailed and poses sitting, standing, or hanging while holding an exposed LED bulb. Made of resin and hand-finished in white, the designs have a contemporary, consciously artistic quality to them as well.

Yukiko Morita’s Freshly Baked Lamps

Exhibited at Tokyo Designers Week, Yukiko Morita’s “Pampshades” give new meaning to burning carbs. These luminous loaves look like they’re are indeed made from flour, salt and yeast. But in true they’re covered in resin and filled with LEDs. Morita worked in a bakery in her native Kyoto eight years ago, subsquently graduating from the Kyoto University of Arts in 2008 and reportedly launching Pampshades as early as 2010 (the name is a portmanteau of ‘pan’ – French for bread, derived from the Latin panem – and lampshade). The first prototype dates back to 2007 and that she relocated to Kobe as of this year. The larger baguettes, batards and boules plug in to a wall socket, while the smaller series – petits boule, coupe, shampignon and croissant – run on batteries. Prices range from $39 to $83.

Ruray LED Desk Lamp

This curved Ruray LED desk lamp was created by Irish designer Shane Holland.”The Ruray lamp is an LED Desklight named after a legendary wave “Tonn Ruraigh”, heard off the County Down coast in Ireland hundreds of years ago. The name lends itself well to the sweeping wave shape of the main body of this newly launched RURAY lamp, which is handformed from one piece of composite aluminum. This is truly a mixture of fine craft, high-tech materials, and low energy lighting. The LED strip provides superbright, but even light and a 30000 hour lamp light.”

Coral Reef Light

This sleek “Coral Reef Light” was created by Japanese design studio QisDesign in collaboration with Taiwan’s national museum of marine biology and aquarium. There are two models of these LED lamps with an organic-like form: silver-coloured table lamp and metallic floor lamp. The floor lamp features three petals, each independently activated by swiveling, while the table lamp has a single adjustable layer and is turned on and off by a button on the stand.

GreenLantern by nudelab

Recently we’ve shown you interesting combination of vase and sculpture – Original WIG Vase by Tania da Cruz. This time we represent you lamp called “GreenLantern” by nudelab – creative combination of LED lamp and a planter. “The lamp extends as an organic horn-like shape with a flower pot at its base. The “horn” is lined with an energy-efficient strip of LED lights. The low-energy bulbs emit a warm luminous glow that supports the photosynthesis process of the accompanying plant, creating a direct relationship between the lamp and host plant.”