Famous Logos from Roses – Underwater Photos by Alexander James

Today we want to show you some really amazing underwater photos by Alexander James. “The red rose – a symbol of unrelenting love – is here juxtaposed with a deep dark void. These images are not intended to be an homage, but instead act as social commentary on how we ourselves are drowning in a society that is dominated by a reverence towards branding and celebrity. These images were all shot underwater working with the subtle distortions of light from the water’s own wave energy. They were captured ‘in camera’ without the use of either traditional or digital post-production.” Enjoy!

Caesars Entertainment Campaign by GSD&M

Caesars Entertainment logo created by GSD&M is made out of various objects. Each object represented an aspect of their brand; celebrity chefs, shopping, spas, etc, and their iconic laurel. And it’s not a Photoshop. " The bulk of the photography took place over a mere two days. We used a projector to make guides for each laurel on rolls of paper. We captured as much as we could in camera. And after lots of work, glue, paint, and a few stiff drinks we had a print campaign." Have fun!

Collection of Creative and Original Logos

We represent you a selection of the most creative and original logos and business signs. These impressive logos are the results of the fruitful work of various designers. In one small seemingly simple icons is embedded deep thought of designer, original idea. These creative logos are a real godsend for companies. Because a logo by itself is already an advertising which is able to draw attention to the company among the thousands of other competitors. It’s better to make sure by yourself – have fun!

Corporate Logos – 50 Stylish Examples

We represent you a collection of 50 superb corporate logos created by Denis Wong from Singapore. Having a good, easily recognizable logo is a big plus for the company. Professional logo development isn’t a such easy task as it may seems at first glance. Well-designed logo should be: simple – to be easily remembered by audience; unique – to stand out among many others; original and interesting – to cause positive association and interest to the company. The logo should also be easy to reproduce on any promotional item. This collection of professional logo will be a good source of inspiration for logo designers.

Corporate identity for Christophor

Corporate identity for publishing house Christophor. Work of designer Denis Olenik from Belarus. This work allocated by perfect color palette, classic style lettering and interesting boat stylization.

Logo design for Eastgate

Corporate Identity for Eastgate. Work of designer Sebastian Gram from Denmark.