Casa Golf From Concrete Planes by Luciano Kruk

Argentinean architect Luciano Kruk has recently completed Casa Golf located in the center of the Costa Esmeralda development near Buenos Aires, Argentina. The site sits adjacent to a golf course and contains a sizable hill that places the structure at a higher level than the surrounding homes but also helps separate it from the main street. The design criteria was very specific- it is a getaway home for a client that called for at least three bedrooms and baths with a fourth that should remain independent from the rest, and the structure should require as little maintenance as possible. The response manifested in three pure concrete volumes, each oriented based on its specific function and open to the surrounding green landscape. Concrete and glass are about the only materials utilized to sculpt the geometric structure. The largest volume sits apart from the rest of the design in that it is the largest volume, housing the social functions of the house within two parallel glass walls that stretch the entire length of the floor plan, and is oriented and elevated to create a natural privacy from the public street and extend views. Descending from the site’s entrance to the covered patio leads to the entrance of the lower volume with strip windows just above grade. This area contains two bedrooms along the east/west axis (front and rear of the site) offering varying levels of privacy. an internal staircase connects to the main level with the kitchen, living and dining areas, and above those lives the master suite with the smaller openings and enjoying views of both ends of the property.