Porcelain Beauties by Marina Bychkova

The graceful and mysterious, delicate and playful… Porcelain beauties by Marina Bychkova embody the ideal of “eternal feminine.” Marina wrote on her website: “My need to work with dolls became evident as a calling when I was six years old. As a child I became painfully aware and appalled at the mediocrity and the uninspired dullness of mass-produced dolls. This profound frustration coupled with my natural sensibilities inspired me to create my own dolls, suited to my own ideas of feminine beauty.” We’ve already written about beautiful realistic dolls of Alexandra Kokinova and cute handmade dolls by da-bu-di-bu-da. These dolls are absolutely different but each one has its own character, it’s not just a toys for adults but real people with feelings and habits. It seems like each of these figures has a whole history that they just can not tell us.