Mysterious and Spectacular ‘Anish’ Chair

Designer Emanuele Magini has created ‘Anish’, a seat whose appearance almost tricks the mind into thinking that it’s a room divider and not a seat at all. Designed for Italian furniture brand Campeggi, ‘Anish’ has a round gold frame with a stretchy blue material, however when looking behind the frame, you see the seat, and the only way to sit in the chair, is to lean back against the stretchy material, which then reveals the seat.

Modern Banana Chair “Zjedzony”

This modern is inspired by and looks like a banana. It’s actually named Zjedzony, which means “eaten” in Polish. Luxurious and soft chair design brings original aesthetic and functionality into room decor, offering a comfortable shape and a cheerful color combination. Modern chair design by WamHouse continues the tradition of creating food inspired modern furniture pieces that add fun to interior decorating. Take a look!