Moon-Shaped Opera House in China

A lightweight, yet dynamic structure designed by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD), sits on the shores of Zhuhai island, in China’s Guangdong province. Blending naturally within the sea and sky with a pure and elegant form, the Zhuhai Opera House spreads along the coastal plane in the shape of two curved structures, occupying 59,000 sq-meters in total. In a poetic manner, the layout of the site references the receding tides in the evening accompanied by the moon, with which Ma Long, deputy chief architect of BIAD, has managed to erect a new landmark for the island while maintaining a humble attitude towards nature. The two structures of the Zhuhai Opera House feature a 1,550-seat opera house and a 550 seat multi-function theater, and are connected with a 350-seat outdoor theater. Entering the structure, visitors encounter an equally dramatic interior, where a play between sunlight, moonlight, and theater lights blend with each other across the translucent facade. Stunning, isn’t it? And be sure to check other great opera houses: Busan Opera House and Opera House for Izmir.

Blood Moon: Longest Lunar Eclipse in XXI Century

If you were lucky enough last night to have clear skies, you probably caught a glimpse of a rare celestial event. The total lunar eclipse that delighted stargazers last night was the longest of its kind for the 21st Century. Also, thanks to Mars being in retrograde, last night the planet was the closest to Earth as it has been in 15 years. Sights of the red planet as bright as last night’s won’t happen again until 2050. If you missed out on last night’s spectacular display for whatever reason, don’t worry. Though there won’t be an eclipse that lasts as long for another century, you’ll still have plenty of other opportunities to witness a blood moon in your lifetime. Last night’s eclipse was just the 17th total lunar eclipse of a predicted 85 this century, according to NASA. The next total lunar eclipse is expected to occur on January 21st of next year. If you missed the sight first-hand, take a look at some of the gorgeous images captured by photographers across the world last night. Here we’ve assembled some of the best photos of the 2018 blood moon posted online.

Resin and Fiberglass Table with the Surface of the Moon

Using digital files pulled from NASA’s archives, French design studio Harow designed a table that replicates the real topology of the moon’s surface. The Apollo 11 Table features a sculpted fiberglass slab in the form of a lunar crater. Covering this thick segment is a layer of resin, which allows one to fully view its dips and crevices while providing coverage to the uneven terrain. The brass and aluminum alloy feet also pay homage to the many Apollo missions, parts that put a modern spin on the Lunar Excursion Module‘s original landing pads.

Lunar Watch Made Of A Solid Piece Of Genuine Moon Rock

The Analog Watch Company is now offering the “Lunar Watch,” wristwatches crafted from olivine basalt that was collected on the surface of the moon by the Soviet Luna probe in 1974. The chunky timepieces are hand-crafted in Switzerland and only 25 units will be made. Analog claims that radiometric dating measured the rock to be 4.5 billion years old, from right around the time the Moon and Earth are believed to have formed, obviously making it older than life on our planet. The 41-mm moon rock case houses your basic analog watch – definitely no smartwatch operating system on this timepiece. It also comes with an Italian black leather strap, sapphire crystal face, and stainless steel case back. Each watch comes with a certificate of authenticity and is priced at $27,500.

Luna: A Lantern That Looks Like a Moon

Taiwanese design firm Acorn Studio recently announced a new lighting system that mimics the color and shape of a moon. Luna is a dimmable halogen light housed inside a glass fiber and non-toxic latex housing that comes in 7 different sizes ranging from 3.2″ to 23.6″ in diameter. “Inspired by the moon, the artwork – Luna, hopes to bring more delight and content into your life. Indulge yourself into the moonlight. Let Luna illuminate your space, and your mind. It’s the design decor that turns your space into a magical world. It’s the lamp that lightens up your favorite reading corner. You decide what Luna is, and how you want to make your life prettier with it.”

Audi Lunar Quattro – The Moon Rover by Audi and Part-Time Scientists

Audi is helping Part-Time Scientists with the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition that aims to transport an unmanned rover onto the Earth’s moon. The German luxury car manufacturer will contribute in several fields of technology, from ‘Qattro’ drive and lightweight construction to electric mobility and piloted driving. The Moon Rover will be named ‘Audi Lunar Quattro’ and will compete for the $30 million USD Google Lunar XPRIZE which is meant to challenge engineers and entrepreneurs from around the globe to develop low cost methods of robotic space exploration.Tto win Part-Time Scientists must successfully place a robot on the Moon’s surface that explores at least 500 meters and transmits high definition video and images back to Earth. Audi is also providing the German engineers a wide ranging assistance in testing, trials and quality assurance. The lunar vehicle is planned to launch into space by the end of 2017 on board a rocket that will travel more than 380,000 kilometers to the moon and take five days.

Two Moon By Moon Hoon

Architecture firm Moon Hoon have recently completed Two Moon, a private cultural center with a coffee shop and gallery, located in Gyeonggi-do, Korea. “The client: Sometimes, clients bring in a clear idea or a name of a place they envision. This time, a movie named two moon junction surfaced when we first met. He talked about building a private cultural center centered around a coffee shop and a gallery. A free spirited space, somewhat erotically charged like the movie, a place full of festivity and relaxed atmosphere. The other important criteria included providing two separate buildings, one for the client, and the other for his younger brother. The budget was extremely low, so from the start we decided to build simple boxes with some impact points. The Site: The site is an hour drive up north near the city of Ilsan. It is a non-descript place, where all kinds of buildings stand alongside each other without any consideration for each other, industrial, residential and squatter town all mixed up. The diamond shaped site was divided into two sites accommodating two simple boxes oriented to provide enough parking space and a passage way between the two buildings. The design: The low budget and the movie two moon junction were two major inspiration for the design. Each building has three floors that can be accessed directly via individual staircases, by doing so, common space can be reduced to minimum while maximum can be allocated for rental usage. The two boxes have an encounter with a large sphere, thus having a distinct concave space that signifies a moon motif. Right one is imbued with a balcony like a lure. The left one is given a horizontal slit. The other sides of the buildings also have contact points with small sphere, providing depth and apertures. The irregularities provided by contacts with the sphere are carried into the building to become space with some bulges, a space with some convex. The top floors have outdoor gardens with high walls, but round apertures give much transparencies among much solidified building. A mini pantheon like domes are also provided on the top floors. The free standing walls on the 3rd floors are punctured with horoscopes representing each client. Welcome back to “ornaments and symbols” …moon and stars!!!”

Hidden Illuminance of Bolimond’s Armstrong Light Trap

The moon’s surface is adorned with a multitude of lunar craters that form a distinct texture. Each imperfection appears as an indentation that adds character to the mysterious terrain. But what if these features could be translated into the design of an object? Taking note of the satellite orb, Constantin Bolimond has created the ‘Armstrong Light Trap”. The devices articulate these details in an interactive manner. Its spherical body has replaced the concave pits with perforations occupied by cork cylinders. Each protruding piece can then be removed to adjust the overall brightness of the interior cavity, which houses energy-efficient, warm white LED lights. The technology can be run by a battery or power supply network that operates under the principle of inclusion: the bulb turns on by removing the circles, and turns off by them back into place.

Laurent Laveder Plays Moon Games

These whimsical and playful photographs showing moon as a part of imaginative landscapes belong to “Moon Games” series by French photographer Laurent Laveder. By using either full, half or crescent moons, Laurent transforms the floating celestial body into an unexpected object, playing with the reality of the scene and bringing a spirited sense of curiosity. Take a look!

Haoshi Design’s Moon Clock

Nocturnal animals hover, awake and at the ready, just above the glowing moon-like surface of Haoshi Design’s Moon Clock. “When the night falls, in the darkness of quiet and still, the nocturnal animals are exulting in exploring this world. The moonlight energizes the animals, and the moon is the faith they rely on.” says Haoshi Design. The series, made of resin, includes a braying wolf, an owl, a crow and a cat. “The story of them is quietly running on this tranquil land. Are you those people who always find inspiration at night? The later at night it gets, the more ideas you have? If you are this kind of nocturnal animal, let Haoshi Moon Clock warm you up at every single night.” A layer of Fluorescent Whitening Agent has been applied to the surface of the clock, exposed to daylight, “it will generate a shimmer in the dark… like the moon is giving a warm hug to those nocturnal animals.”

Leonid Tishkov’s Private Moon

If you think that this is a series of unearthly photo-manipulations, then you’re wrong! Moscow-based physician Leonid Tishkov is actually traveling the world with his own personal moon. The artist created the moon 10 years ago for a contemporary art performance, after which he took it back to his apartment and eventually started traveling around the world. “I have traveled Private Moon for ten years and each time the moon reveals more space to me. The moon is a shining point that brings people together from different countries, of different nationalities and cultures,” – says Leonid. Take a look!

Spectacular “Space Bowls” by Sebastian Errazuriz

New York-based Chilean artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz made planets closer and smaller than you think. His spectacular series "Space Bowls" features Earth, Moon and Sun. Small scale food plates with photographic planetary prints of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Made in partnership with Kikkerland, these designs for the dining table are a cool backdrop for sci-fi inspired lomographs. Fantastic art work! If you want to buy these bowls you can do it here fo $25.

Extraordinary Crescent House

Do you remember fantastic crescent house Mahina that we’ve shown you some time ago? It was just a concept. Today we will show you real house inspired by crescent. Located in the north side of villa area in South Hakone of Shizuoka, Japan, and created by designers from Shigeru Ban Architects studio this extraordinary house was called "Crescent House". Its crescent-shaped plan contains two bedrooms, living, dining and kitchen which are arranged by putting furniture and volumes of utility facilities as partitions. The entrance of the house sits underneath and it features stairs leading up to the main floor kind of giving a feel of entering a space craft. Fantastic house!

Uncle Milton’s Moon In My Room

Some time ago we’ve featured interesting lamp made in the form of Moon – LED Moon Light by Nosigner. If you liked that lamp then you will surely like the following one. The “Moon in my Room” lamp by Uncle Milton is contoured and textured just like the moon and hangs vertically on the wall. When night falls, the sensor automatically activates, and when the sun comes up, it automatically turns off. The 12 moon phases can be operated either manually or automatically. Its gentle, lunar glow will make your night fearless. You can buy it here.

LED Moon Light by Nosigner

Inspired by the recent “Supermoon” – the biggest full moon in a cycle of 18 years – product and graphic designer Nosigner (Eisuke Tachikawa) has designed an LED light lamp. For the creating this lamp Nosinger has used actual 3D topographical data taken from the lunar orbiter Kaguya. The Moon Light replicates exactly the craters and surface of the actual moon. Amazing lamp!

Dream House Mahina

Some time ago we’ve shown you unique collection of buildings designed in the form of the moon. And the following house will continue this theme. The Mahina house (the Maori name for Moon) also has been designed by Weber Consulting in the shape of the crescent. It’s going to be built on Kawau Island, about 60km north of Auckland, New Zealand. With floor to ceiling windows and white modern interior with house looks really incredible. This luxury house is 827 square feet and have a plant room, deck, swimming pool and “thermal mass” to regulate internal temperatures. Official website says “A predominantly modern residence with a ‘Bondesque’ suggestion of times past; the glamorous age of martinis and tuxedos.” And it’s hard to object. This is really dream house. Despite of usual order we decided to show you video at the begining. It’s really stunning.

Moon Inspired

In previous post we’ve told you about Water Building Resortbeautiful hotel inspired by the drop of the water. This time we will represent you a few eco concepts of buildings inspired by the form of the Moon. These building were developed by different design studios espesially for Muslims contries.