Kežmarské Hut in Slovakian Mountains

For an international competition aimed at the design of a lodge located in the High Tatra mountains of Slovakia, Atelier 8000 has proposed a cube volume rotated onto one of its corners. Known as “Kežmarské Hut”, the structure is intended to be a sustainable dwelling for high terrain adventurers during all seasons of the year, able to perform autonomously in regards to energy usage. The formal strategy is aimed at producing visual lightness, and prompting a feeling of disorientation within the viewer. Having seemingly fallen from the sky, the building is reminiscent of a boulder resting among the landscape, with crisp edges and a high peak which relate to the surrounding mountains. The cube’s facades are subdivided into square panels of reflective materials, including predominantly aluminum as well as sections of glass and photovoltaics. From any given viewpoint, three of the form’s faces are visible, thus providing a legible reading due to distinct light/shadow tones. An elevated patio wraps two sides of the building to provide an outdoor dining and relaxation area for mild temperatures.

Bivacco Luca Vuerich by Giovanni Pesamosca

Italian architect Giovanni Pesamosca has created unusually-sited cabin at the crest of Foronon Buinz in the Julian Alps. The prefab modular wood structure, named in memory of the deceased climber Luka Vuerich, contains nine beds and is situated 2531 meters above sea level. It is strategically sited along a summit trail providing refuge to hikers, climbers, visitors, or anyone looking for a rest in the mountains. The project is built upon 6 circular concrete piers placed on the rocky landscape. Spruce “x-lam” panels and glulam beams were CNC milled on the ground, air lifted by helicopter, and assembled on site to create the 16 m2 refuge. All in all, the small house is made up of 30 prefab panels, 3 trusses, and a larch-wood floor structure. Twelve men, professionals, volunteers, and friends of the Vuerich family made the long hike up to the site to construct the shelter – it was built in only one day, and after a good night’s rest the crew awoke to stain and finish.

Morning Views From The Tent

Russian photographer Oleg Gigoryev is showing us how’s great is to be outdoors, to travel and to spend every waking moment enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer. His stunning photography series “Morning Views From The Tent” is a collection of photos taken every morning from Grigoryev’s tent as he travels all throughout the Fann Mountains of Tajikstan. These point of view photos will have you counting the days until your next outdoor adventure. Take a look!

Stunning Mountains Views by José Sarrablo

It would be absolutely necessary to say something about following photos. It’s obviously that they’re gorgeous and captured them photographer José Sarrablo is a true master. All you need to do is to see them all and to try to imagine what a stunning beauty saw José while photographing. Enjoy!