Butterfly Specimen Boxes in Series of Murals by Mantra

France-based street artist Mantra has been unveiling a series of hyper-realistic murals that convert the facades of commercial and residential buildings into huge butterfly display cases in different countries, like Spain, Austria, France, and Bogota. You’ve probably seen some of them since Matra’s murals periodically gets into the list of the best murals. Anyway, they’re too real and just imagine your thoughts if you wake up at the morning and look into the window – for sure, you will remember Gulliver’s Travels.

Stunning Murals by Swiss-based Artists Duo NEVERCREW

Swiss-based artists duo Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni are the artists behind NEVERCREW, a street art collaboration that now spans over two decades. Through artworks that primarily take the form of large-scale murals, the artists seek to highlight and ask questions about some of the largest issues facing humanity from climate change, immigration, and humankind’s exploitation of nature.s

Impressive Murals from Silhouetted Figures

The duo of artists David de la Mano & Pablo S. Herrero uses only black paint to create creative murals – silhouetted figures of trees, whales, and human forms. These murals are located in different parts of the world – from Winter Haven, Florida to Gdansk, Poland. Take a look!

Clever Street Art Murals by Caiffa Cosimo

Caiffa Cosimo, a street artist in Italy, creates clever street art murals that interact with and incorporate their surroundings, seeming to leap off of the walls and invade our world. Cosimo has worked on developing his photorealistic street art techniques ever since he moved to Milan, and it shows in his work – the faces in his murals are getting more and more realistic, and this helps them break down the wall between art and the real world.

Stunning 3D Murals by German Street Artist 1010

Today we want to show you some great wall murals created by German street artist 1010. He created several of his fantastic spray paint portals in locations around Germany, Panama, and the United States. 1010 brings surprising layers of depth to drab facades and blank gallery walls by painting concentric layers of color. The artist most recently had a solo show at 1010Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco titled “Limbus”.

Stunning Murals by DALeast

Chinese muralist DALeast has its own style and it’s impossible to mistake any his art work as belonging to any other artist. His signature style involves a delicate interplay of unraveling ribbon-like lines that form his animalistic and human forms. The tigers, birds, deer and people he depicts are already bursting with motion, but the added line work seems to create an elevated sense of energy, as if the figure itself is about to explode.