American Muscle Car – Pontiac Firebird TT Black Edition Concept

The firebird of Slavic folklore was a magical glowing fowl that was able to see the future. The Pontiac Firebird was an American automobile that clearly didn’t share its namesake’s prescient superpower – otherwise it would have forseen and thwarted its own demise in 2002. Still, some dream it will one day rise from the ashes. An artist Kasim Tlibekov has given us a look at what the Firebird could be with this low-slung, Trans Am-style concept. A resto-mod, old-meets-new take makes it immediately recognizable as a Firebird, with concealed headlamps and slotted brake lights. The slotted rear window cover is pure Firebird, and a front splitter and massive rear wing would make it at home on a Trans Am race grid.

Hyper Realistic Muscle Cars Paintings

American artist Cheryl Kelley draws only old muscle-cars. Using high-gloss oil paints the Texas-based artist manages to capture the beauty of these iconic vehicles from a bygone era better than any camera ever could. The talented artist finds her inspiration at classic car shows and museums, where she takes high-resolution photos of vintage Chevrolets, Camaros or Corvettes that she later uses as guidelines for her impressive creations. Working with glossy oil paints on aluminum panels, Kelley is somehow able to reproduce not only the tiniest details of the vehicles, but also every reflection, ultimately producing masterpieces that look more realistic than their photographic references. “The first thing that I am drawn to is the beauty. I find myself getting lost in the reflections of beautiful cars when I stop at traffic lights,” Cheryl says about her fascination with classic muscle cars. “These big engine cars, seemingly fueled by raw testosterone, were ironically most definitely feminine in form. As a twentieth century American icon, the muscle car is remembered for its speed and power. My paintings are about the feminine sensuality of the surfaces, the Mel Ramos-like perfection of female form,” – Cheryl Kelley. Enjoy!