Nendo’s Chocolatetexture Lounge

Nendo designed a special lounge and chocolates for the “Designer of the Year” award ceremony during Maison & Objet 2015. “Chocolatexture Lounge” is a limited-time-only chocolate lounge designed in time for the awarding ceremony of “Designer of the Year Maison et Objet 2015″ that will include 400 “chocolatexture” chocolate sets designed and being sold for a limited time at this event. The 9 different types of chocolate are made within the same size, featuring pointed tips, hollow interiors, smooth or rough surface textures – and, while the raw materials are identical, the distinctive textures create different tastes. Each chocolate is directly named after Japanese expressions used to describe texture.

Chocolate Pencils by Nendo

These chocolate pencils were designed by Japanese studio Nendo. Created for Tsujiguchi Hironobu in Tokyo, the pencils are made to be “sharpened” for the delicate, delicious chocolate shavings. Customers at the patisserie shave the chocolate themselves with the accompanying pencil sharpener, decorating their dessert as part of a creative if somewhat laborious experience. The pencils themselves are available in a variety of cocoa blends, so there’s a flavor to inspire each and every chocolate lover to play with their food.

Eigruob Lamp by Nendo for Kartell

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic Bourgie table lamp, Italian plastic furniture specialist Kartell invited ten designers associated with the company to create tribute pieces for a special exhibition. For their contribution, Japanese design studio Nendo decided to work with two of the lamp’s most distinctive characteristics – its use of silhouettes and its transparency – rather than touching the original design itself. Nendo created a new table lamp by inverting and rotating the Bourgie lamp’s silhouette, so that when two of the new lamps are lined up together, the space between them forms the upside-down silhouette of the Bourgie lamp.

Limited Edition Chess Set by Nendo for Baccarat’s 250th Anniversary

As part of Baccarat’s 250th anniversary celebrations, Nendo has collaborated with the French luxury crystal house to create a limited edition chess set that embodies nearly three centuries of elite craftsmanship. Based on a timeless baccarat icon – the celebrated harcourt glass design – the elegant set comprises 32 hand-cut pieces made in clear and midnight blue crystal, shaped in forms of the king’s crown, the hem of the queen’s robes and the bishop’s mitre. The production process demonstrates the epitome of a master-craft; each individual set of chessmen requires the utmost precision, demanding over 200 hours of labor for cutting alone. As a result, both the transparent and midnight crystal pieces come to life with a subtle diffusion of light, illuminated by the chessboard and enhanced by the series of elaborate glass cuts. Just like the signature ruby octagon adorning baccarat chandeliers, a ruby square on the base of the chessboard pays tribute to the emblematic baccarat color.

Stand “Jaguchi” for iPhone and iPad

Due to the popularity of Apple products there a huge range of various accessories for iPhone and iPad. Today we want to show you creative stand created by Japanese studio Nendo. This original stand “Jaguchi” for iPhone and iPad was made in the form of a crane with flowing water. Stand is made from polycarbonate and available in four colors: white, black, blue and colorless.

Chair Garden from Nendo

We used to see a full garden of flowers, trees or other elements of landscape design. But this installation will blow your mind by its creativity. The basis for this beautiful installation are stools growing in pots. It sounds quite unusual and looks unusual too. The creators of this installation from Nendo describe their idea as – "A stool grows a backrest, and becomes a chair. When an armrest sprouts from it, it is an armchair. The stool grows sideways, and becomes a bench, or lengthwise and becomes a lounge chair, or even a bed."