Nika Zupanc’s Cylindrical Cabinet for Storing Keepsake

The Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc designed a cylindrical cabinet with one hundred and forty four small white drawers. Made from CNC-cut plywood with small ball-shaped brass handles, the drawers that wrap around the Tower cabinet are designed to store small objects collected by the owner. “It is inspired by all the small things that seem unimportant from the outside, but are at the same time an essence part our inner world, a silent witness of our past and our daily life memories.” the author said “We tend to get, have, buy and collect through our lives a number of small objects,” she continued. “Some of them we use, some of them we don’t but want to keep them.” Providing a place to store these collected items, the jewellery-box-sized drawers are slotted into a framework of plywood plates and mounted on six metal legs to create the two-metre-high cylindrical tower. “One iconic shape gently transforms into something else and this is giving this object an aura of illusion and unexpected twist,” said Zupanc. Zupanc is based in Ljubljana, and has previously created furniture for Sé, Moooi and Qeeboo. Also, if you’re interesting to check some more cabinet – don’t forget to check Magistral Cabinet By Sebastian Errazuriz.

Cherries Lamp by Nika Zupanc

Designer Nika Zupanc is an author of Lolita lamp that we’ve already shown you on the pages of our magazine. And this absolutely charming the Cherries Lamp series is her another creation. The suspended lamp is made of blown glass bulb that is hanging on a metal tubing. The lamp is available as single cherry, twin cherries or triplets. “The Cherries lamps will be shown as part of the exhibition Silent Revolutions: Contemporary Design in Slovenia, which will be presented for the first time during London Design Festival at Tent London September 22-25, 2011.”