Handcrafted Octopus Tentacle Jewelry

This time we want to show you wonderful collection of the custom octopus tentacle jewelry made by DeviantARTist KTOctopus (aka Kaity O’Shea). She makes totally awesome tentacle necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from polymer clay. In the following collection you will be able to find a bunch more designs and color combos. Interested? Kaity is open even for custom designs!

Amazing Metal Octopus Table

Today we want to show you really amazing table – Metal Octopus Table. The details of the table are perfect. The tiny holes, facial features, the tentacles are all lifelike and created with painstaking accuracy. And to own such table isn’t cheap pleasure – this a true work of metal art costs $100,000. Good price for an incredible metal masterpiece. Take a look!

Octopus Shaped CIRRATA Lamp

Unusually-shaped sea creature Cirrata, a suborder of octopuses, was a source of inspiration for designer Markus Johansson. His glowing, delicately formed lamp is meant to light up the “darkness of the ocean.” The tentacle-like base creates the illusion that the fixture is floating across the surface it sits on, or the ocean floor where the idea was born. Who would have thought this lamp was made from Corian, that solid surface material most often used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Take a look!

Modern Floor Lamp “Octopus”

Design of this modern LED floor lamp called “Octopus” was inspired by the underwater behaviors of the amazing octopus – the way it stretches out its tentacles and emerges from the seabed, revealing its curious shape and colors. LumineXence will produce only 120 items. So if you want to own such unique lamp you have to harry up!

Words Create Worlds

Czech bookstore Anagram has a slogan – words create worlds. Pretty short slogan but with deep sense. This slogan was used for advertising company created by advertising agensy Kaspen. Every picture is fully consistent with slogan and force you to carefully look at it. Professional work!