‘Slashed’ Sofa by Charlotte Kingsworth

British designer Charlotte Kingsworth has created Slashed, a sofa and ottoman that appear like they have been slashed with a knife. “A bold slash lengthways with a knife reveals the hidden layers inside. An eruption, like a wound, changes the form in a permanent way. A new structure has been carved, which functions as a seat and ottoman.”

Creative Mandarin Pouf

Playful “Mandarin” pouf was created by designers Vyacheslav Chupakhin and Gennady Martynov and presented at iSaloni Worldwide 2013 in Moscow. A spherical structure, soft and flexible composed of eight segments, mobile and comfortable elements connected together by zippers. A multi-purpose solution with a soft and playful line, an unusual design to interact with, able to furnish and decorate with simplicity different environments, from home to office, and to adapt to different uses, transforming from an ottoman to a comfortable armchair, from a sofa on which relax in bed on which to sleep, or separating the various elements to obtain additional sittings of different shapes and sizes which can accommodate up to eight people.

Original Beanbags “Woouf”

Spanish company Woouf came up with very interesting idea and represent original collection of personalized beanbags. The collection contains a few series like music, food etc. created from ultra-resistant technical fabric. These pretty neat beanbags should please children and adults alike. Take a look and you will find some that you want to have at home. Price tags start from $190.

Modern Eco-Friendly Furniture by Shiner

Created by Joe Manus under the brand Shiner modern eco-friendly furniture surely will rock your imagination. Created for relaxation awesome rocking bed and chair can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Why it’s eco-friendly? Joe says: “It is our goal to transform tons of landfill-destined materials into killer design. upcycling the past. Everything from our steel, hardwoods, and cardboard to our lexan and linen is diverted from the incinerator. Our vision has become contagious and led to strategic partnerships with refuse and recycling leaders.” Take a look to the unique, modern and earth friendly Shiner’s furniture and you definitely will like it!

Contemporary Multi-use Hybrid Chair

Multi-use Hybrid chair from furniture collection of Martin Davis can be used as dining chair, a stool/ottoman or a bench. It consists of 2 components, a base and a back, plus some supplied stainless steel fittings. “The design of the piece was arrived at by experimenting with the simplest of forms. The initial inspiration for this shape came from a marine shackle, which is a high strength fitting used on yachts to secure tensioned rigging from the mast to the boat hull.”