36/28 Postale Bike by Paolo de Giusti

Trying to discover the next big innovation in any field of design inevitably leads one to buck traditional trends, so it comes as no surprise that a concept product like the 36/28 Postale would stir controversy. Created by Italian product designer Paolo de Giusti, the bike gets its name from the unorthodox a 36′ rear wheel and 28′ front wheel that immediately catch ones eye, causing the whole bike to slant forward in profile. But besides capturing your attention, the bike also tells a story, as the name “Postale” recalls both messenger bikes as well as a nickname for the big buses that rush around corners each morning on their mission to bring workers from the outskirts to the center of Rome.

Futuristic Luxury Sportcar from Paolo De Giusti

Let us show you another stunning concept created by Italian industrial designer Paolo De Giusti. Some time ago we’ve shown you his concept of electric motorcycle and today we want to feature concept of futuristic single seater sporty vehicle. This model called Egochine B is an evolution of a first concept called Egochine created by Paolo De Giusti for the second edition of the Peugeot Design Contest, where it was selected as a finalist. New concept were equiped by large electric motors combined with hydrogen fuel cells. This futuristic car is inspired by luxury sportscars of the past such as Isotta Fraschini.

Electric Motorcycle from Paolo De Giusti

Let us show you very interesting concept of electric motorcycle created by industrial designer from Italy Paolo De Giusti. Massive corp, aggresive look and at the same time eco-friendly concept. Unusual combination, don’t you think? As designer noted this is "innovative electrical motorcycle with a new “;Shared Battery” system”. More about this system from author of this concept Paolo De Giusti you could read below (see first comment). We just have to wait until this concept turns into life.