Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Patrick Kramer

Patrick Kramer was born in Kaysville, Utah, the youngest child of German immigrants. Taking art classes throughout high school, he was encouraged by his teachers, and eventually decided to study art at Brigham Young University. There he continued to focus on realism, improving his technical skills and craftsmanship. Becoming more and more detailed, his work began to rival that of the photograph. “I came to realize that the appeal of representational painting since the advent of photography is due in a large part to the painting process. Although the image itself may come to resemble an ordinary photograph, a psychological intensity can be felt in the handmade work, as the artist’s laboriously slow method, intense concentration, and myriad of artistic decisions lie behind the creation of the image. In my work, I hope the viewer senses this tension between photography and the handmade – the instantaneous and the prolonged, the ubiquitous and the unique, the impartial and the personal.” Enjoy!