Concrete Midden Garden Pavilion in South Africa

Part of a larger renovation of a house in Cape Town, South Africa, this concrete pavilion was designed to enable the home owners to enjoy their garden. Designed by  Metropolis Design, the garden pavilion uses concrete, timber and textured plaster to create a contemporary look. The pavilion has multiple seating areas and an outdoor kitchen, behind the pavilion there’s a swimming pool and water feature. Both sides of the pavilion are open, with hidden lighting highlighting the lines of the architecture. The lighting also makes it possible for the space to be enjoyed at night. At the opposite end of the kitchen, there’s a raised seating area with concrete benches focused on a centrally located fireplace.

Wind Shaped Pavilion by Michael Jantzen

We do love creative and unique projects even if they are too hard to become live. And today’s project isn’t an exception. Michael Jantzen has created very interesting pavilion project called “Wind Shaped Pavilion”. “The Wind Shaped Pavilion is a design proposal for a large fabric structure that can be used as a public or private pavilion. As a lightweight fabric structure, the wind slowly and randomly rotates each of the six segments around a central open support frame. This continually alters the shape of the pavilion, while at the same time generating electrical power for its nighttime illumination.” Doubt it’ll be build in nearest future but idea is really interesting. Would you like to live in such house?

The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center Pavilion

The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center Pavilion is located in Dorve, Norway. The architectural marvel has been constructed by Snohetta that comprises of architects, Rune Grasdal, Kjetil T. Thorsen, Margit Tidemand Ruud, Eerik Brett Jacobsen, Martin Brunner and interior architect Heidi Pettersvold. The observation pavilion is spread over an area of 90 square meters and has been erected on a plateau that is at a height of 1200 meters above sea level. The elevation will unfurl panoramic views that will leave visitors in a state of awe. It will be a visual treat to see the outstanding Snohetta mountain range from such a height.

Beautiful Dancing Water Pavilion

Futuristic project called Dancing Water Pavilion designed by SUS&HI office had won the bronze prize at the Seoul Design Olympiad for its innovative geometry and interaction with panorama of Seoul and the beauty of the local Han-river. The concept is "fossilization of nature". Extremely organic geometry fossilizes the form that water ripple makes. It is makes natural textures one the form and becomes the structure at the same time. Dancing Water Pavilion was developed for public open space. The space is flexible for various functions and programs for culture: concert, exhibition etc. At night it could become an icon of the city of Seoul through the illumination.