Peaceful Jewelry by Impact Accessories

Design group Impact Accessories provides new peaceful life to the old military ammunition. Designers offer to send them used bullet and they will turn them into original hand crafted jewelry: earrings, pedants, rings. To create such “combat” jewelry designer cuts the bullet to allow them to become part of the composition. You can order a small cross made of brass or from precious metals with precious stones. Creative recycling! Don’t you think?

Creative SIGNS Collection by Chao and Eero

How about use different signs we use in the Internet in daily life? The SIGNS sliver collection by Chao and Eero gives you such opportunity. It was inspired by the frequent use of emails and mobile phone messages. Smiling face and eyes, exclamation and question marks, comma and quotation used in this collection become our mutual and international language. Show your mood with this creative jewelry!

Beautiful Pedant Algae Lamps
by Christian Vivanco

These beautiful pedant lamps inspired by seaweed and were created by industrial designer Christian Vivanco. It’s called Algae and is part of a collection of lamps developed for Almerich, a Spanish company located in the Mediterranean city of Valencia. The shade is made from acrylic, with a transparent coloured layer and white frosted layer draped over the fluorescent tube. Such lamp can surely makes interior more creative!

Luxury Jewelry for DJs

Today we want to show you extremely stylish jewelry collection for Djs and all people who like music. Company Darkcloud Silver was founded in 2005 by Sydney based artist Nathan Thomas. Luxury jewelry created by Darkcloud Silver is inspired by music, hip hop and urban culture. This handmade collection consist of rings and pedants in the form of urban music symbols, even including spray can. Due to the fact that all jewelry is created from silver, gold and platinum they cost from $300 to $750. Darkcloud Silver jewellery is a luxury jewelry for individuals! Make your style more unique with these luxury watches.

Fantasy Jewelry

Today we want to show you unusual jewelry created by young artist from USA Sarah. This girl has a rare talant to transform natural things into original jewelry. Shells found on a coast, acorn picked up an in the forest or just a beautiful pebble turn into a fabulous pendants, earrings and rings. You should pay special attention to a series of ornaments created from ordinary keys – they’re just fantastically beautiful. By the way, Sarah takes orders for creating a completely unique jewelry exclusively for your taste.