The Hyper-Ergonomic Stylus Pen by David Craig

Architect David Craig and Dublin Design Studio have launched a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter for Scriba – a stylus designed with the input of hundreds of illustrators, designers, architects, animators, artists, mobile workers and tablet users that aims to make sketching for architects and designers more natural than ever. The design avoids the traditional approach to styluses, realizing that a digital tool should do more than emulate pens or pencils. With no buttons, the user controls line weights and program functions with their grip. The ergonomic body, after countless 3D-printed prototypes, sits comfortably in one’s hand, reducing fatigue. Scriba has a battery life of 35 days of constant use, or 6 months on standby.

The First 3D Printed Gold Spica Virginis Fountain Pen

Dutch designer and technologist Rein van der Mast wanted to change the way we look at luxury writing instruments, and came up with this one-of-a-kind fountain pen. Called Spica Virginis, after the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, this luxurious pen is a world first, crafted with the help of 3D printing technology, with intricate details made from 18k solid gold. This beautiful thing was meant to resemble an ear of grain and it will be available in either 18k yellow gold as well as white gold, packing 3D printed nibs too. If you fancy titanium more than gold, since a lot lighter, with less than 1/3 of the density of gold, the Spica Virginis can be also ordered in a titanium plated version with a thick layer of 24K gold and a tiny amount of cobalt to stand the test of time even better. In the meantime, I’m sure you all understand that exclusivity and precious metals come at a price. Which is why the 18l yellow or white gold versions of the pen are priced at a cool €14,320, while a titanium version plated with a wear resistant layer of 24K gold will set you back as much as €4,960.

Montegrappa’s New Pens Highlight the History of Armenia

Crafted in collaboration with a group of Armenian artists, entrepreneurs, and clergy members, the new Montegrappa Erebouni series of writing instruments pays tribute to Armenia, the storied nation straddling Europe and Asia between the Black and Caspian seas. Carrying the ancient name of Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan, the collection comprises three versions: the top-shelf Hokevor, the limited-edition Haverj, and the standard-edition Kragan. The Erebouni collection is heavily driven by symbols that recall the country’s heritage and history, especially the Hokevor and Haverj pens because they feature intricate die-cast metalwork depicting the 17th-century Zevartnots church on the cap, a reference to Armenia as the first Christian nation; pomegranates on the barrel and cap, a cultural representation for life; the Eternal Flame of Yerevan’s Dzidzernagapert memorial, lit in memory of the estimated 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide; and a teardrop-shaped blue cubic zirconia by Swarovski on the clip, symbolizing both grief and hope. Ranging in price from $5,699 to $53,000, the Hokevor series is available in three versions – vermeil, sterling silver, and solid gold (made to order) – each of which is limited to just 100 pieces. The Haverj pens range in price from $1,750 for a sterling-silver roller ball to $2,350 for a gold-plated fountain pen, with each style limited to just 1,915 – a respectful nod to the date of the Armenian Genocide. The Kragan pens are special illustrated editions of the classic Montegrappa Fortuna and are priced from $790 for a yellow-gold ballpoint to $820 for a rose-gold roller ball.

Montblanc Great Character Edition: Leonardo da Vinci

Montblanc’s latest Great Character edition pays homage to the genius Leonardo da Vinci. The writing instrument is inspired by his extraordinary inventions and his fascination with the study of flying. Every detail of the design directly reflects the original sketches of flying machines and the mechanical constructions created by Leonardo da Vinci. The wedge shapes are reminiscent of his method to connect mechanical parts to one another. The design of a wing engraved on the section and the bat on the nib pay homage to his study on the characteristics of flying animals, while the mirror on top of the cap, which reveals the Montblanc emblem, is a reference to his research in the field of optics. This edition, which honors one of the greatest pioneers of science, will be available in November at a MSRP of €2830.

Creative “Pencil Broom” by Artori Design

Tel Aviv-based Artori Design has developed a series of handy pencil accessories including a “Broom” eraser extension. “Pencil Broom” the wooden pencil supplement works to sweep away ones mistakes, through its grooved bristle-like eraser. The pencil features a broom-shaped eraser, making for easy clean-up of any mistakes made. If you want to own this creative office accessory you can but it here.

Montblanc 2012 Writers Edition: Pablo Picasso

Montblanc has announced its latest pen in the Artisan series of fine writing instruments. Essentially a tribute to Pablo Picasso the pen forms the shape of a pencil with the cap sporting a design inspired by the artists drawing “Portrait de jeune fille.” Worked from Mont Blanc’ signature precious resin and 18 carat gold, the nib features engraving inspired by the artist’s iconic drawing Ojo.

Creative Pocket Penpals

You’ve probably seen a lot of luxury pens on BeautifulLife – Montblanc 2012 Writers Edition: Jonathan Swift or Limited Edition Luxury Pen from Pecorari Modena. Unlike these luxury pieces of art the following ones are cute positive pens. Collection “PenPals” designed by Yaacov Kaufman & Yoav Ziv consist of 3 items: Red Devil, White Knight and Black John Doe! “Friendly companions for your pocket or for your notebook, they are also a great gift that will never go unnoticed. Pen Pals like company and look best in pairs or more.” If you want to buy it you can do it here.

Montblanc 2012 Writers Edition: Jonathan Swift

Every year since 1992, Montblanc pays tribute to great writers whose works have become part of world literature, with the creation of a new Limited Writers Edition. The Writers Edition 2012 is dedicated to British-Irish writer Jonathan Swift: writer, poet and essayist, and creator of the satiric masterpiece: “Gulliver’s Travels” The overall design of the pen draws inspiration from “Gulliver’s Travels”, and in particular the Lilliput episode, Gulliver’s first voyage.

Romain Jerome’s Luxury Fountain Pens

Romain Jerome, creator of the DNA series of luxury watches, has also created a collection of luxury fountain pens. Created in 2008 the Titanic-DNA Fountain Pens collection is limited to a series of 88 exquisitely handcrafted pieces only. In a tribute to the Titanic ship, the pens are crafted from the finest materials, including Palladium, brass, PVD, stainless steel and gold. Each Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA fountain pen is decorated with a ring of oxidized steel at the barrel with the metal being a blend of materials reclaimed from the actual sunken ship and steel obtained from Harland & Wolff shipyards where the Titanic was built. Extra new the MoonFighter pen is made from a combination of MoonSilver – an alloy of moon dust and silver – and fragments of the Apollo II. It boasts 48 hand-fixed rivets, a titanium point, and a wing-shaped dock. The Moon Fighet is limited to 888 items. Have fun!

Realistic Sculptures from Graphite by Agelio Batle

San Francisco artist Agelio Batle makes beautiful sculptures which can write. Large and small, convenient and not very much, all the sculptures are made from graphite by hand and carefully polished to the luster. Sculptor likes to portray the nature in his works, that’s why so many of sculptures are in the form of birds, plants, trees, flowers and other “gifts of nature.” “Nature inspires” – says Agelio. Each of the works by Agelio Batle – is exclusive, custom made or intended for an installation of particular theme.

Limited Edition Luxury Pen from Pecorari Modena

Designer Mirco Pecorari well-known for designing more than five different aircrafts, VIP helicopters, private jets, etc. took inspiration for this luxury writing tool the Vrossa from his aircraft designs. The Vrossa is made from Grade 5 titanium, milled from a solid block by 5-axis machines with an accuracy of down to 2 microns – that’s extremely accurate, giving your exact lines to the design specifications. The pen also comes in a specially-designed box made from aeronautic aluminum & tanned cowhide which is completely hand-sewn. Unfortunately there’s no word on pricing. But limited to just 23 examples luxury pen the Vrossa from Pecorari Modena is definitely a must have for collectors.