The Hyper-Ergonomic Stylus Pen by David Craig

Architect David Craig and Dublin Design Studio have launched a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter for Scriba – a stylus designed with the input of hundreds of illustrators, designers, architects, animators, artists, mobile workers and tablet users that aims to make sketching for architects and designers more natural than ever. The design avoids the traditional approach to styluses, realizing that a digital tool should do more than emulate pens or pencils. With no buttons, the user controls line weights and program functions with their grip. The ergonomic body, after countless 3D-printed prototypes, sits comfortably in one’s hand, reducing fatigue. Scriba has a battery life of 35 days of constant use, or 6 months on standby.

Creative “Pencil Broom” by Artori Design

Tel Aviv-based Artori Design has developed a series of handy pencil accessories including a “Broom” eraser extension. “Pencil Broom” the wooden pencil supplement works to sweep away ones mistakes, through its grooved bristle-like eraser. The pencil features a broom-shaped eraser, making for easy clean-up of any mistakes made. If you want to own this creative office accessory you can but it here.

Beautiful Charcoal Drawings by KLSADAKO

Today we want to show you another great example of pencil art. Obviously artists from Great Britain Ken Lee aka KLSADAKO have huge talent. You can see it by viewing collection of his art works below. Beautiful Asian girls on these charcoal drawing look so real that it seems they will blink or smile to you. Take a look!

Realistic Sculptures from Graphite by Agelio Batle

San Francisco artist Agelio Batle makes beautiful sculptures which can write. Large and small, convenient and not very much, all the sculptures are made from graphite by hand and carefully polished to the luster. Sculptor likes to portray the nature in his works, that’s why so many of sculptures are in the form of birds, plants, trees, flowers and other “gifts of nature.” “Nature inspires” – says Agelio. Each of the works by Agelio Batle – is exclusive, custom made or intended for an installation of particular theme.

Stunning Pencil Drawings from TortilloN

We’ve already shown you some amazing examples of pencil art like Pencil Art by T. S. Abe or Unbelievable Pencil Art by Paul Lung and today want to show you another amazing pencil drawings. These stunning art works were created by 18 years old talanted artist from Ukraine under the nick TortilloN. He creates graphite portraits of people, celebreties, movie characters and he doest it briliant. Check out his drawing and you can see for yourself!

Incredible Pencil Sculptures of
Dalton J. Paul Getty

If you think that pencil is a tool for drawing, painting or writing notes – you’re wrong! 45-year-old carpenter, Dalton J. Paul Getty for 25 years turns ordinary pencils into incredible miniature sculptures. Without using a magnifying glass. “When I was a schoolboy, – says the master, – I made gifts to my friends, carving out their names on a pencils. Later, I decided to try sculpture, and after a long searching the choice fell on a pencil lead.” For such work Dalton uses blades, sewing needles and special knives for the sculptures. However, the material is too fragile and can not allow mistakes: at home Mr. Getty has more than 100 unfinished or broken sculptures. “At first I had a few broken figures, later I decided to keep them all in memory. I call this “cemetery collection”: they are all dear to me, yet I spent alone with them a few months.” Artist could spend a few months at one sculpture. For the creation miniature alphabet Dalton spent 2,5 years. “My patience is simply amazing people, because nowadays everyone wants to be quicker, faster and faster.”

Pencil Art by T. S. Abe

This collection of pencil art works was created by english illustrator with absolutely mind blowing drawing skills T. S. Abe. Sketch and pencil art became popular these days. This style is widely used even in web templates. For example you can free download and use sketch template for you blog.